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Transcript of Curt Schilling with D&C today

02.10.09 at 4:01 pm ET
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transcribed by Drew Scott

The following is a portion of the Q&A between Curt Schilling and Dennis & Callahan that took place this morning on Sportsradio 850 WEEI. To hear the whole interview, click here.

D&C: Curt Schilling joins us on the AT&T hotline, AT&T your world delivered, Good morning Curt how are you?

Schilling: Slow news day.

D&C: (Laughs) Oh no it’€™s not. Beyond the obvious, and I tend to agree with what you say, he didn’€™t go down the road of perdition that Bonds and Clemens have and that would be deny, deny, deny, were there any items that he talked about or left out that gave you pause to think that’€™s not exactly the truth or that’€™s not exactly probably the way it worked out for him.

Schilling: I can’€™t help but feel like and wonder if it’€™s a lie with everything given what’€™s happened. I didn’€™t expect him to go down the road he went, based on what I think about him in the past. I mean, it’€™s someone who I’€™ve always felt like had an incredibly, skillfully, carefully crafted image and you know he basically put that to rest last night. I wasn’€™t expecting that.

D&C: The fact that he said he didn’€™t know what substances he used’€¦

Schilling: Yeah, Yeah.

D&C: And he didn’€™t know that he truly failed until that Serena Roberts lady approached him in the gym this weekend were two red flags that were like blowing in the wind for me.

Schilling: Yeah, you know you just can’€™t leave well enough alone it feels like. You know I mean both of those things to me scream: Oh come on! I mean what else are you [kidding] about right now then?

D&C: (Laughs) Well hey do you think he’€™s still juicing Curt? Because the question that I’€¦

Schilling: I have no idea. You know, I don’€™t even go down that path, just for the simple fact that I just haven’€™t been able to believe anybody.

D&C: Right, but the thing that I can’€™t get an answer to Curt really is: Why stop? I mean he won three straight home run titles, he won an MVP, clearly it helped his game, and then he expects us to believe that his neck hurt one day so he decided to go clean.

Schilling: Yep. I mean maybe the 2003 positive was something that forced him into saying ‘€œI’€™m done,’€ but I find almost no reason besides that, that he would quit.

D&C: Let’€™s back it up a few more years before that ‘€” and I’€™ve had this conversation with people before, before the very public downfalls of Bonds and Clemens and now A-Rod, and before the Mitchell Report, and before the Congressional hearing, all of that stuff sort of put this sort of dark cloud over people who were associated with steroids, and being that the culture is what it was back in 2000, 1998, and 2001, and the evidence was clearly in favor of juicing because you could set records, you could have untold riches, why would guys not juice Curt?

And by the way, it would seem that every single subset in Major League Baseball would have a reason to do it. If I am Manny Alexander and just trying to hang on by my fingernails then I do it to hang on. If I am in the middle of the pack and want to get a bigger contract and stick for a longer period of time, I would do it. And if I am one of the greats like Bonds and Clemens and A-Rod, and wanted to be one of the all time greats than that’€™s a reason to do it too. Why wouldn’€™t you do it?

Schilling: Ummm, give me a minute.

D&C: Yeah, exactly. I can’€™t sit here in good conscience and say given those situations if this were my life, I know I’€™d be tempted, I definitely know that I’€™d be tempted, and I’€™d have to think long and hard well why wouldn’€™t I do this?
Schilling: Well, the unfortunate part is that, I think as a sport we send such a powerful message to the kids, which is being great with God’€™s given abilities, is just not enough. Go ahead and push yourself to that next level because it works. You can hit the ball farther, you can run faster, you can throw harder, you can be a fresher guy as long as you pay attention to the steroids and HGH that you put into your body, but hey it works.
D&C: We asked a question yesterday: ‘€œWould anyone surprise you if anyone came out, and anyone got caught and came out and tested positive?’€ And my answer was yeah one guy: Curt Schilling.

Schilling: Yeah, well. I think that might be one of the reasons why I’€™m pretty comfortable with saying: Hey, you know what? Throw the 103 out there, let’€™s get this over with, and do what we have to do and move on.

D&C: If your name is on that list we’€™re going to call you Curt. Who can do that? Obviously the union knows the 103.

Schilling: Yeah, well. Obviously someone writing a book can do it. You know the hard part for me, and obviously I’€™ve never been a big Alex fan, is that this guy is being put on the cross by himself. I find it very hard to believe that the amount of work needed to put names to numbers on those tests was done for he and he alone, and there is 103 people that are still, you know, their test results and names are scattered around. I think there is a master list, I think someone deciphered all of it, and I think it’€™s out there.

D&C: Yeah, but the suspects are teammates and friends, because each player, despite what A-Rod said last night, each player was told by Orza by the Union that they failed. The 103, 104, knew that they failed so they could have told their friends, their wives, their teammates, and the world could have spread from there. SI claims that they have four sources, so it is pretty well substantiated, and now Rod has confirmed it. But did you ever hear guys say: ‘€œYeah, I tested positive’€?

Schilling: No, no and I’€™m still trying to remember back to exactly how they explained it to us. I just know that there were a couple key pieces to the entire thing which were complete and total anonymity, no one would even have a clue as to the name of the player that tests positive, you would be notified, the only people that would know about a positive would be, I think it was, the club owner or the club president, the player, and there was a third person who I guess was someone at the MLBPA or something like that. I was one of the very vocal guys who said this is just not going to work, there is just no way that they are going to guarantee us this confidentiality.

D&C: Curt this may be a question for another today, but what does all of this do for the relationship between the players, the Players Association, Major League Baseball, ownership, management, the viability of that whole loosely defined relationship going forward to the next CBA and working together in the future.

Schilling: Unfortunately, I think this almost ensures of a work stoppage just because I can’€™t imagine the players union acquiescing to any of this stuff going forward. You know we spent years listening to them promise things and lie about it and be wrong about it, and now you can bet that the owners are going to go into the next labor negotiations and expect a triple thick testing process. They are going to go to the mat, and in the Players Association I think there is going to be an intense amount of concern when it comes to anything.

Schilling: Listen ‘€” the three greatest talents of our generation are cheaters and you know as much as that sucks, as players what do you say? How do you defend that? You can’€™t, I mean we’€™re stuck. The repercussions of this are going to be what they’€™re going to be, but there can’€™t be a situation where any player says, ‘€œThis is just not fair.’€ We brought it on ourselves and we’€™ve damaged the sport in a way that if you really look back at 97, 98, or 99 when Sosa and McGwire were doing what they were doing did anyone fathom that we could piss all that goodwill away in ten years? That being said, from an ownership standpoint, you know what my coffers are full.

What it means to be a Yankee

02.10.09 at 1:05 pm ET
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compiled by Drew Scott

Curt Schilling took a passing shot regarding what it means to be a Yankee yesterday when he blogged about A-Rod’€™s admitted PED use:

“It doesn’€™t make him any less guilty, any less accountable or any less of a Yankee (subtle Yankee jab) but it’€™s refreshing as hell to see someone say ‘I f’€™d up, I made a mistake and I’€™ll have to deal with it.’ He’€™s fricking human, he made a horrible choice and he’€™ll have to deal with it.”

Members of the Yankees organization always seem to carry themselves with a certain heir of importance. Playing for the New York Yankees is supposed to have a certain cachet that resonates throughout Major League Baseball. Almost every player who puts on the pinstripes mentions the history of the franchise and discusses what an honor it is to continue that tradition.

With A-Rod‘€™s admission yesterday, and with Andy Pettitte and Jason Giambi coming forward before this past season, isn’€™t it safe to say that being a Yankee isn’€™t what it used to be? One of the most historic franchises in all of sports currently has a dark cloud hanging over its head.

So with that in mind, here are some moments that truly encompass what it means to be a Yankee:

‘€¢If you are a Yankee pitcher, you practice throwing broken bat shards just as often as your split finger fastball.
‘€¢If you were a member of the 2004 Yankee ball club, you were part of the biggest choke in sports history. Congratulations!
‘€¢If your name is Randy Johnson, you might enjoy throwing a cameraman to the ground on the streets of New York.
‘€¢If you are a member of the media that covers the Yankees, there are two people that you love more than anyone else on earth: Joe Torre and Roger Clemens.
‘€¢If you happen to be a 72-year-old bench coach for the Yankees, maybe you should take part in a brawl with a pitcher who is about 40 years younger than you.
‘€¢This article explains that although you have to be impressed with the Yankee greats of old, the Yankees from 1996-Present are another story.

Mr. Rodriguez may have helped us to realize that being a Yankee isn’€™t all it’€™s cracked up to be.

A Tiger is lurking…

02.10.09 at 12:44 pm ET
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“I’m full-bore with my practice sessions and have no restrictions.” A quote from not only golf’s greatest player, but perhaps the most successful athlete in sports history – Tiger Woods.  I bet Padraig Harrington, who won two non-Tiger majors, and the rest of the PGA field paid close attention to that statement.

Tiger has been spotted at Orlando Magic games from time to time, but has kept his public and press appearances to a minimum since he won the U.S. Open last summer at Torrey Pines (His 14th career major), after which he immediately had reconstructive surgery on his left knee, thus ending his 2008 golf season.

So why has the Tiger emerged from the jungle? Another Tiger cub has been born. He and his wife, Elin, recently gave birth to their second child  – Charlie Axel Woods.

A name that sounds more like a Major League movie character or perhaps a Top Gun pilot. It is said that Tiger has a great respect for Charlie Sifford, the first black to become a PGA Tour member, and Axel is a Swedish name that means “father of peace,” according to the Web site (his wife Elin is Swedish).

The world has known Tiger since he was two years old, when he made an appearance on national TV with Bob Hope,  and the public continued to watch in amazement as this phenom grew into a worldwide icon. Who doesn’t love Tiger Woods, besides some of the guys he consistently beats on the Tour.

No doubt that the golf industry as a whole suffered from Tiger’s absence, both financially and on a general fan interest level – The Tiger Effect.

Tiger himself was not immune to the recent economic woes that our country is currently facing, but having him back in action certainly can’t hurt the golf industry and the economy as a whole this year. But after all, Tiger is human, as evidence by some of his humorous commercials, so he will undoubtedly need some help in pulling our nation forward in these uncertain times.

What is for certain is that Tiger always lives up to the hype and expectations, which is amazing considering the bar that we all have set for him. And “we” includes his fans, the press, his peers on the tour, his family, his late father, his sponsors, and even his detractors.

As Vern Lundquist said – “In your life have you seen anything like that!” I guess the next question would be, will we ever see anything like this again? So sit back and continue to enjoy the career of one Tiger Woods.

In a world of falling stars, his still shines the brightest.


Tiger Woods 09 – Walk on Water

Tiger Woods makes a tackle

Tiger juggling

Tiger impersonating Charles Barkley’s Golf Swing

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Morning Links

02.10.09 at 10:15 am ET
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Look, I think the A-Rod stuff broke the Internet yesterday ‘€” did anyone notice he was wearing a Kabbalah bracelet during his interview? ‘€” but there’s other stuff going on out there. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that high school kids can be easily swayed by fog. That’s why you can’t go using a fog machine all willy-nilly like Lake Kiffin and not expected to get busted for it. Check out the story here. Yesterday, we had video of UFC guys coming into the ring dressed in drag. Today, we have the news that a UFC fighter ‘€” “War Machine” ‘€” was busted for fighting at a gay club. Dwayne Wade … well, life is a little tricky right now for DWade. There are too many things here for me to list, so just click through to this story. In this week’s digital short, “Saturday Night Live” gave a quick shout-out to KG. (The NSFW language has been bleeped out for your protection–the nod to Garnett happens with about 50 seconds left in the video.) And I’ll channel Ferris Bueller’s principal when I say this: Nine times?

A Whiff For Gammons

02.10.09 at 9:43 am ET
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I’m with Richard Sandomir on this one. And Bob Raissman.

A-Rod with Katie Couric, December 2007

02.09.09 at 2:59 pm ET
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Your daily Matt Cassel update

02.09.09 at 12:55 pm ET
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It’s been quite an offseason for Matt Cassel. First, he won a major award. (Well, maybe not a major award, but an award nonetheless.) Second, he got peed on. Third, he was slapped with the franchise tag by the Patriots. As a result, he’s become a star that despondent franchises have started to wish on, the savior that will help deliver a down-on-their-luck team to Super Bowl glory. The Chicago Sun-Times is wondering if Cassel would be a good fit with the Bears, while the Minneapolis Star-Tribune is speculating about the same thing. How about Cassel to Tampa Bay? Jason Cole of Yahoo! is reporting that people in Cassel’s camp are hoping he is dealt before the draft so he can get a long-term deal. And finally, just because, we have Cassel singing a Backstreet Boys song.

Morning links

02.09.09 at 10:22 am ET
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The A-Rod stuff is like manna from heaven for New York tabloids. This is our favorite one, but we also love the idea of the Yankees eating a $270 million deal. (An article that defines hair-trigger reaction.) There’s other stuff going on as well. The Pro Bowl happened yesterday ‘€” Wes Welker had three catches for 23 yards, while Stephen Gostkowski was 3-for-3 on extra points. Not sure what’s going on here ‘€” you think ESPN is reporting that Manny has turned down the latest offer from the Dodgers? Bill Plaschke, the master of the one-sentence paragraph, gets a few words from Manny here. And I have no way of explaining what in the hell this is. Apparently, there’s some sort of cross-dressing fad going on in the UFC. (Who’s the first guy to use cross-dressing and UFC in the same sentence? Proudly sticks out thumbs, points to his chest: This guy!)

Canseco told us so

02.08.09 at 10:12 am ET
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Remember all of those Jose Canseco call-ins …

Remember all of those Jose Canseco movie updates … (That, by the way, seems stalled considering a search of IMDB reveals just a documentary and a 1992 ‘Simpsons’ episdode “Homer At the Bat”. Don’t you remember the vaunted Monty Burns straight ball?)

As a quick aside, I just searched our friends at YouTube for the Monty Burns straight ball clip and came across this Korean baseball “fight”. This is one of the most bizarre things I’ve seen happen on a baseball field since Eddie Jurak played …


Anyway, remember all of those Jose Canseco references to Alex Rodriguez (and Roger Clemens) … Well, here are a few reminders from our Audio On Demand:

Canseco with the Big Show (talks about introducing A-Rod to a steroid dealer around the 4:42 mark)

Yet another Jose call-in (brief A-Rod mention at 17:20 and an Ordway reference to the pair at 22:40)

Interview based around Canseco-Schilling mini-feud

Part Bob Woodward, Part Lou Ferrigno

02.07.09 at 5:28 pm ET
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Has this guy been wrong yet?