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A-Rod: The Many Affairs and Blunders of Alex Rodriguez

05.20.09 at 1:11 pm ET
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Selena Roberts, currently of A-Rod/steroids fame, joined WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan this morning to discuss her controversial book, A-Rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez.

During the discussion she noted that one of Rodriguez’ more admirable qualities is the fact that he is a “man who wants to be loved.”  Rumor has it Kate Hudson is doing what she can to satisfy said need.

How does Madonna feel about this? And if Rodriguez is really after the love Roberts claims he is seeking, he sure wasn’t getting it from the Fenway Faithful following this 2007 report in the Post.

Affairs aside, it isn’t just what he does on his own time that has stained A-Rod’s character.  Even before word of his positive test, the three-time MVP’s sportsmanship was questionable at best. Given Rodriguez’ track record, I would direct you to the nearest Barnes and Noble for the full documentation,  but here’s a couple of the classics.

Remember May 30, 2007?

Anyone out there believe he said “ha?”

(For what it’s worth, this incident happened the same day that the previously-referenced “Stray-Rod” story ran in the Post.  Tough day, huh?)

Meanwhile, some people are still making money off his famous Game 6 ball-slap.

As for this season, one could argue that from a psychological standpoint, the hip cyst that kept Rodriguez out until May 8th was a blessing, with potential for the PR flames to die down by the time of his return.  Unfortunately for him, not even the news of Manny Ramirez‘ suspension could take the spotlight off Rodriguez, who has slugged five homers in 11 games since coming off the DL. Joel Sherman just hopes he’s doing it clean in today’s Post.

A-Rod’s been in the spotlight since he was a kid. Apparently, he’s not leaving it anytime soon.

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Silly Baseball Bat Tricks

05.15.09 at 12:46 pm ET
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If you’ve got a second check out this video via Bugs & Cranks of AAA outfielder, Josh Womack, doing something that seems not quite possible with a baseball bat.

B&C also has links to a few other tricks on their site.

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The Hub of New York’s Envy

05.14.09 at 2:23 pm ET
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Remember the days when all of the Boston sports teams weren’€™t finishing atop the standings? As recently as 2000, none of the four major Boston teams qualified for their respective league’€™s playoffs.

Those days might be long gone with all the young talent on the Sox and Bruins, Jerod Mayo terrorizing opponents’€™ offensive lines for the Pats, and Rondo taking over during the playoffs.

Could Boston be turning into the new New York ‘€“ the most hated place in the rest of the sporting universe?

These guys are not the first ones to raise the subject.

Back in 2005, Greg Garber of ESPN had this to say after the Patriots collected another Super Bowl trophy.

And with Bill Simmons writing about Boston’€™s teams almost every week in his columns, there’€™s no end in sight for sports dominance in Beantown.

But what about New York, the city that until recently was winning championships left and right? Besides the G-Men’€™s improbable Super Bowl in 2008, what else do they have going for them?

The Yankees have had pretty much zero positive news out of their clubhouse since their infamous collapse in 2004. Their fans seem to want to complain about anything and everything even after they go out and spend $400 million in the offseason. (Seriously, isn’€™t it common knowledge to an average fan attending a game that there is no re-entry?)

MSG’€™s Knicks and Rangers could be looking even worse. The last time that the Knicks made the playoffs was in 2003-2004, and the Rangers seem to be having more problems with their coach than even the most troublesome player in the league.

Things have gotten so bad with the Knicks that Stephon Marbury, once a player who was brought to New York as a centerpiece, was run out of town in a very peculiar way by his team’€™s own front office. He had to plead to come to Boston for limited minutes as a willing role player off the bench. Now, after it seemed like he didn’€™t have much to offer to the C’€™s, he has come up big in the playoffs, scoring 12 points in the 4th quarter during Game 5 with the Magic, and may have resurrected his career with that performance in the Hub.

On the diamond, imagine what Sox fans would have done if their team blew the division on the last day of the season two years in a row. The Mets completed that very feat the past two seasons and to top it all off, closed their stadium by driving their fans off the edge.

After all those years of Red Sox heartbreak, it seems that the winning ways might be around for a while.

The latest evidence is the newest member of the Sox bullpen, Daniel Bard. In his first outing last night, he dominated an Angels offense that had already put up 7 runs in the game against the best Sox starter this year, Tim Wakefield. Barring the unthinkable, Bard looks like yet another stud from the farm.

So with both the Bruins and Celtics playing tonight for the right to move on to the conference finals of their respective sports, what’€™s going on in New York tonight?

93.7 Mike FM presents Manny 50 Ways

05.13.09 at 12:58 pm ET
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Check out the Manny Photo Montage accompanying Mike FM’s 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover parody. For more, visit

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S.I. Owner Rankings: Henry, Werner, Lucchino Pace MLB

05.12.09 at 4:21 pm ET
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Sports Illustrated released its annual rankings of the owners in each sport. Locally, the Red Sox ownership group of John Henry, Tom Werner and Larry Lucchino landed at the top of the Major League Baseball heap, while Robert Kraft ranked second among NFL owners, behind the Rooney Family.

The rankings, by the website’s own admission, were unscientific.

The method was not scientific but based on numerous factors, some of which are indisputable and some of which are intangible. Among the criteria used to evaluate owners was the willingness to spend money to improve the team; the stability and capabilities of the front office and management; the amenities at the team’s venue; and the club’s culture and interactivity with fans. Of course, weighing heavily in the decision was the team’s success or failure on the field.

The Celtics‘ owners are not listed, but given how unflattering all of the pictures of their hoops colleagues are, that might not be a bad thing. Bruins owners also didn’t make the list.

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Manny Headlines Quitters’ Night at Lowell

05.12.09 at 2:40 pm ET
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In the spirit of their longstanding tradition of quirky promotions, the Lowell Spinners — the Red Sox’ Single-A New York-Penn League affiliate — have announced a night meant to “celebrate” former Red Sox slugger Manny Ramirez. The team will be “honoring quitters and celebrating excuses” on July 30, one day shy of a year after the trade that sent Ramirez from the Sox to L.A. and that brought Jason Bay to Boston.

Here is the Spinners’ press release:

July 31, 2008 the Boston Red Sox made the decision to trade Manny Ramirez to the Los Angeles Dodgers, bringing an end to the era of ‘€œManny being Manny’€ at Fenway Park. This summer, the Lowell Spinners, Class-A Affiliate of the Red Sox, will celebrate the one-year anniversary of the trade by honoring quitters and celebrating excuses July 30 on ‘€œOne Year Anniversary of the Manny Ramirez Trade.’€

Ramirez, recently suspended for 50 games for a positive test for a performance enhancing substance, was as well known for his antics as his undeniable baseball talent. From well publicized decision to take games off in protest of the way the Red Sox were handling his contract to his occasional lack of hustle, Manny represented how the game should not be played.

July 30 the Spinners will celebrate the anniversary of the trade with several activities throughout the evening. Fans will be asked to help the Spinners compose the Top Five list of quitters, liars and cheaters of All-Time, the Top 5 Manny Moments and the best excuses for their follies.

Additionally, the Spinners are in search of a hypnotist to provide assistance for fans that need a little extra help to quit smoking or other addictive habits.

‘€œMinor League Baseball features guys who play the game the right way, always giving that extra effort to make the big leagues,’€ said Spinners General Manager/Vice President Tim Bawmann. ‘€œManny quit on his team and we are going to celebrate the anniversary of his trade by looking at some of the more notable quitters from Bill Parcells and Bobby Petrino to Roberto Duran and even George Costanza.’€

Throughout the night fans will be asked to sign cardboard cutouts of Manny and Jason Bay, his replacement in left field for the Red Sox, which will be sent to the players following the game. Dreadlocks will also be available for purchase, with the proceeds benefiting Lowell Spinners charities.

Lastly, to remember all of Manny’€™s positive contributions to the Red Sox during his tenure with the team, the Spinners will look to return the favor, by offering to help Ramirez sell his Ritz Towers condominium in Boston to help offset the $7.7 million dollars Ramirez will lose during his suspension.

For more information or ticket availability, visit or contact the Box Office at 978-459-1702.

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At least Mayor Bloomberg showed up

05.06.09 at 1:13 pm ET
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Red Sox fans who tuned into last nights game after the eighth inning watched a scene that resembled the old days of Tropicana Field, with maybe 20 or 25 fans standing behind home plate at the new $1.5 billion Yankee Stadium. ESPN reported that even in the first inning of the game only 54 of the 98 first-row Legends Suite seats were filled.  But hey, at least one was occupied by Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

 Isn’€™t this supposed to be the greatest rivalry in sports? The Red Sox only won by four runs, are Yankees fans trying to tell me that this was an insurmountable deficit? Is that why they all went home?

I guess these aren’€™t the Yankees of yore, they have lost all five meetings against the Red Sox this season, they are still sans A-Rod, the ace and the slugger that they invested almost $400 million have been marginal at best, and they have a bullpen with an ERA of over 6.00.  Alright well maybe the bullpen woes are vintage Yankees, but the other issues could pose some serious problems looking forward.

Let’€™s first take a look at what $400 million gets you these days:

Mark Teixeira
BA: .198 HR: 5 RBI: 12 OBP: .352

CC Sabathia
W-L: 1-3  ERA: 4.85

I know it’€™s early in the season, but those numbers have to make Brian Cashman sick to his stomach. 

Sabathia threw a hard hat on a few months ago to take a look at the new Yankee Stadium as a little publicity stunt to get fans to buy the now infamous ticket license plans (that plan obviously didn’€™t work).   I think it’€™s safe to say that CC probably regrets saying the phrase, ‘€œYankee Stadium forever’€ at the end of the commercial. This comment was clearly made before it seemed like someone flipped a switch and put the new park on Home Run Derby setting.

Fortunately for Sox fans, the amount of bad news facing the Yankees, is equal to the amount of good news facing the Red Sox.  Sean McAdam explains the state of the rivals in a recent piece for Fox Sports.

Alex Speier doesn’€™t believe that the gap between the Sox and the Yanks is as wide as some might think.  He let’€™s us know the five things we should take out of this most recent series.

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Daisuke’s Japanese Legacy in the Toilet(s)

05.04.09 at 10:58 am ET
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The Red Sox shocked the baseball world when they won the right to negotiate with right-hander Daisuke Matsuzaka with a $51.111111 million posting bid that would go to the Seibu Lions if the pitcher ended up signing. Matsuzaka did, and so Seibu got its money. Now, the fruits of the Matsuzaka sale are becoming apparent.

The New York Times offers this fascinating profile of the upgrades made to their home ballpark courtesy of the Matsuzaka money. The story focuses – in rather hilarious detail – on the state-of-the-art toilets that now welcome guests at the Seibu Dome: floor-to-ceiling doors, electronically warmed toilet seats, bidets, etc. (For those unfamiliar with them, modern Japanese toilets are so technologically advanced that they may one day become the next variety of self-aware robots in the spirit of Terminator.)

Thanks to the toilets – and the rest of the stadium upgrades – it sounds as if the Lions have few regrets about the departure of Matsuzaka for the Red Sox.

‘€œThe Dice-K posting was kind of a turning point for the team,’€ Takahashi said.

‘€œEverything is changed. This used to be the worst stadium in Japan. Now the team is younger with new players, the stadium is getting better, and I think we have the most beautiful bathrooms in all of Japanese baseball.’€

Matsuzaka is scheduled to throw three innings in a rehab start with Triple-A Pawtucket on Tuesday. It is not believed that McCoy Stadium will have heated toilet seats for the occasion.

Lucic in the ring

05.01.09 at 10:25 am ET
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Our friend Alan Siegel of the Eagle-Tribune first wrote about Milan Lucic’s boxing career, but didn’t stop there … he then secured video of the Bruins’ stalwart in the ring. I don’t think Lucic’s opponent had the Eye of the Tiger:

Second-Round Bonanza

04.29.09 at 1:47 pm ET
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Finally, after what seemed like months, the Bruins have their second-round playoff opponent as they continue their pursuit of the Stanley Cup. The sixth-seeded Carolina Hurricanes are fresh off eliminating Marty Brodeur’€™s New Jersey Devils in a quarterfinal series for the history books.

The Canes won two games in the series via last-second go-ahead goals, including Game 7 on Tuesday, in which Jussi Jokinen and Eric Staal scored 48 seconds apart with less than two minutes to play.

In Game 4 of the series, the Canes scored with just 0.2 seconds left on the clock to win the game, which obviously didn’€™t please Brodeur.

The Canes are hot and could pose a serious threat to the Bruins, who weren’€™t troubled too much in the first round by their rivals, the Montreal Canadiens.

Looking for guys to watch going into the series? Look no further than the Game 7 goal scorers. Staal, a franchise player and one of the brightest future stars in the NHL, has already had his share of great moments.

Back when he was on the Dallas Stars, Jokinen had a couple highlight goals in shootouts, most notably against the Bruins:

The mention of the Hurricanes in the New England area also brings up fond memories of the team before it  made the move to the hockey hotbed of Raleigh, North Carolina. Formerly known as the Hartford Whalers, no one who went to a Whalers game could ever forget their goal song, Brass Bonanza.

Brass Bonanza is still found all over the place today even though the team that popularized it ceases to exist. The song is used by a bunch of colleges during sporting events, including Northeastern University, Quinnipiac University, UConn, and RPI. At Fenway Park during Red Sox games, the song can be heard in between innings or after run-scoring plays.

The website is a blog focusing on the song and the Whalers in general. They have an in-depth history of the song and include multiple versions of the tune available for download.

Finally, Craig Kilborn had Carmen Electra do an impromptu dance to Brass Bonanza during one of her appearances on The Late Late Show.