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Tom Brady in Canada….eh?

01.21.09 at 2:39 pm ET
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The All-Pro QB won’t be north of the border physically, but Tom Brady will apparently be gracing the airways on Canadian radio station 590-AM in Toronto.  The recently engaged Brady has not spoken publicly very often since seriously injuring his knee in the NFL season opener.

The Fan 590-AM does have live streaming on their web site so that you can listen to his appearance on Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown between 4:00-7:00pm tonight.

Let’s just hope he isn’t announcing that he will be playing for the Toronto Argonauts next season!

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Yes we can … have a college football playoff system

01.21.09 at 10:05 am ET
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(This from Intern Drew)

Yesterday was a historic day. This country has sworn in its first African American president, a man who in the coming days will be forced to deal with a seemingly endless number of issues that plague this country. Now that Barack Obama is sitting in the oval office, we must begin to wonder which problems he will tackle first. Sure, some may be concerned about Obama’€™s promises regarding clean energy or job creation. Others voted for this man because throughout his campaign he promised to withdraw our troops from Iraqi soil. 

There is however one group of outspoken voters that may have been forgotten in Mr. Obama’€™s inaugural address.  These are the people that voted for Barack Obama because he has promised to create a college football playoff system.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

I’€™m pretty sure that most of the people below voted for Barack Obama because they seem slightly pissed off about the BCS.

How could you not trust a guy named Ace Deuce Buckeye? Simply put, if he wants a playoff than I want a playoff.

Even Bob Dylan hates the BCS’€¦oh wait that’€™s just some kid in his dorm room at Georgia.

 ‘€œWait a minute shh do you hear something? It’€™s the BCS!’€ This needed to be posted because this guy really irritates me.

Oh and in case you weren’€™t aware of how things work up at BCS headquarters here are two pieces of footage that should give you a pretty good idea.

I know that a President never keeps every promise that he makes throughout the course of a campaign, but President Obama please don’€™t forget about the College Football Playoff System.  

Hard to take…

01.19.09 at 3:01 pm ET
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The Pittsburgh Steelers are headed to the Super Bowl while the Patriots sit at home without even having had the chance to knock the Steelers from the playoffs for the third time in seven years. Our own Michael Felger takes a look at what might have been. Couldn’t agree more, Felgie, though being a football fan I DID enjoy the two games yesterday and thought the Arizona game was incredibly compelling. Here’s Arizona’s take. And here’s the surprisingly mild Philly view of things. Then there is the coaching carosel that continues to turn merrily around, including in St. Louis, with new boss Steve Spagnuolo, in Tampa where Raheem Morris supplants Jon Gruden and in New York where Rex Ryan replaces Mangenius with the Jets. Check Where’s Trags? on Tuesday for a New York perspective on what the Pats can expect from a Ryan-led Jet team.

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Kevin Garnett transcript

01.16.09 at 4:38 pm ET
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Here is the transcript from Kevin Garnett’s interview on The Dale and Holley Show (courtesy Newman the Intern): 

D&H: Let’s talk with the Celtics player of the week joining us on the AT&T hotline. AT&T your world delivered. Here comes Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics AKA Superman’€™s sidekick, hello Kevin its Dale and Michael how are you?

KG: AKA the garbage man, how ya’€™ll doing?

D&H: (Laughs) Like you said garbage man, Batman doesn’t matter right. But KG there’€™s no theme music for the garbage man, we got to come up with some theme music for that.

KG: What ya’€™ll don’€™t know is the garbage man is playing the theme music.

D&H: Hey I’€™m sure it was nice to have a day off yesterday, but I’m sure it’s got to be nice to get in the gym and have a practice today.

KG: Practice is always good fellas. When you see teams and they’€™re collectively joined defensively and offensively because we get the days with each other. Practice is a time where you’€™re able to correct mistakes. And we haven’€™t watched a lot of film this year but, watching some of the film that we’€™ve watched it’€™s good to see the things that we’€™re doing wrong, and been doing wrong. It’€™s good to see some of the things we need to correct and then actually and go in correct them.

D&H: You know Kevin I’€™ve always wanted to ask you this, we talked to Superman AKA Paul Pierce Clark Kent, we talked to him earlier this year and I asked him, who would you have liked to won a championship of all your former teammates and he said Antwan, because they spent so much time together. I’€™m wondering the same thing about you. You played with a lot of guys in Minnesota. If you could just bring one of those guys and say I want to share this championship with you who would it be?

KG: Probably Malik and Sam. Ya know, after my days with Steph, I rejuvenated myself with Malk and Sam. That’€™s probably my, other than these days I’€™m living now and being with this team. Some of my fondest memories, I love the game obviously but, seemed like I couldn’€™t wait to go to sleep and wake up almost back in those days when I was playing with those two guys. I was still young, still being able to jump and catch alley-oops, still being able to wake up and not be sore, still being able to wake up and make a mistake as a young guy too versus being judged every other move and all that. Those are my, what I call my great days if you will, the days where I’€™ve had a lot of fun, my teammates was cool. It’€™s crazy because when you come back around into these days a lot of teammates, a lot of the guys we have on this team here remind me of those days. But if I could win anything it would be with those two.

D&H: And for people who don’€™t remember we’€™re talking about Malik Sealy, and his life ended much too soon, tragic story. How did he influence you because I know you guys were very close?

KG: Well, a lot of influence these days, or a lot influence sometimes are off of actions not just by what you say. He was definitely a person who spoke off his examples and what he did. He and Sam Mitchell was my vets, my gutty vets, as I call them. My days with the both of them were greatly appreciated. You know every now and then I recall to those days when I need to, but those two some of the most upfront teammates and friends that I still call friends to this day that I’€™ve ever had in my life. Whenever people speak on worth ethics, having good ethics and a foundation in this game I always recall those two, especially Sam. Sam obviously went on to coach, and coach of the year and all that stuff in Toronto, but that wasn’€™t no surprise to me, just off the things he taught me, how to see the game, how to look at it, I’€™m greatly appreciative to have both of those guys in my life and my basketball career.

D&H: You mentioned getting up to the rim and catching alley-oop passes, is it me or is that happening more this year than last year, and is that more a function of Rajon being better at it this year than he was last year?

KG: What ya’€™ll see is just a continuation of Rajon and myself having communication, ya know as a point guard you have to able to have a communication with everybody out there on the floor. We always say that a lot about defensive stuff starts with Rajon, pushing up on the ball and all that. Last year I thought we did a real good job reeking havoc in the backcourt and all that stuff. I thought we did a good job of applying pressure when we had too. At the same time this year, we’€™ve got more of an offensive flow between the two of us. We still try and put pressure on point guards in the backcourt, and now we’€™ve been able to have some flow on offense being able to communication just by the eyesight. Rajon to me is one of the best point guards in this league on both ends, not just on the offensive end or the defensive end, but together. The things ya’€™ll see from the two of us is an extension of the communication that we have by sight, not even by talking.

D&H: You talk about that communication KG, is that something that was easier this offseason than last, I mean last year you’€™re getting to know Rajon Rondo and playing with Paul Pierce and Ray, and this year you come into training camp knowing, this is what Rondo does, this is what Paul does, did that make the transition a lot easier?

KG: Well having a year with guys under the belt and going thru difficult times, or times that seemed difficult, game 7’€™s, you learn a lot about a teammate and what he’€™s made of. Coming into this year I knew it would be a little easier than last year versus just knowing what to expect. I know it sound cliché, and ya’€™ll probably get tired of hearing it but we talk a lot, man we have too. In order to have the type of chemistry we have, we talk a lot. Times when we don’€™t want to talk to each other we know we have to speak to each other, and the times where we have to fix something, we do our best to get together and communicate it and that’€™s the reason for our success. And when we haven’€™t been well its because we lacked thereof. So we already know where a lot of our victories come from, where a lot of our success comes from, it’€™s just being consistent with it.

D&H: When you guys had that little stretch there and lost seven out of nine, Danny talked about it, I know Doc talked about it, maybe defensive intensity not being the same. I guess its one thing to talk about it, it’€™s another thing to find it again, how did you guys find it?

KG: What you got to understand man, there’€™s teams out here that’€™s better (interruption from Doc Rivers) hey shut that door man, excuse me Doc Rivers is being real rude right now, sorry about that, close these blinds right here, get these guys up out of here sorry about that. Practice starts at 11:00, he wants to start practice at 10:45 now, nope, we doing the interview. So sorry, I got ya’€™ll, I got ya’€™ll, even though it’€™s the coach I got ya’€™ll

D&H: We appreciate that, coming from the garbage man we like that thank you very much.

KG: The garbage man do everything man, he’€™ll repo your car he’€™ll dump your trash, he do everything man.

D&H: He’€™ll make you sandwiches and all (laughs). So we were talking about intensity.

KG: The reassurance job of defense, what ya’€™ll got to understand is we’€™re playing teams in high volume every night and guys are coming out with tremendous energy, the difference is different teams are just making plays, I won’€™t even lie. The defensive energy is there every night, but I feel like when we get beat it’€™s because of opposing teams moving the ball, guys hitting shots, guys that you don’€™t hear a lot about having big games, coming in getting 15, 16, 18 points, things of that such. When we get beat, if you look at the teams, its been a very, very big balance of scoring, not just from their starters but guys coming off the bench, and that’€™s something we wasn’€™t anticipating to be honest with you. When you look at it, you tend to think you are warned, you should think about those things, but when you watch guys and you’€™re scouting them, you see them come off the bench and give you five to seven, maybe four points a night and then they come in and they play you, and they getting 15, 17, I mean things like that you don’€™t tend to think about. One thing we’€™re learning is a lot of teams are playing above themselves, you watch teams play us and then you watch them play their next three games and it’€™s not even the same, but I guess that comes with being the champs, it comes with winning, it comes with being one of the best teams in this league. So we’€™re making an adjustment, I think as of lately we’€™ve turned the screws up a little defensively and we’€™ve talked a lot more as far as starting games and actually went out and did it.

D&H: You probably don’€™t listen to our show that much, we won’€™t take it personally, but one of the clips we play all the time is from your interview with Michelle Tafoya after the Finals, it’€™s a classic, anything is possible and all that. It seemed like a tremendous weight was lifted after game six of the Finals from you, I’€™m wondering if one, you agree with that, and two what your offseasons were like when you had first round losses, what were some of the thoughts you were having at that time?

KG: Well, to answer the first part of your question, a lot of people got to know that when I say I’€™m a basketball junkie and I love what I do, I truly do love passionately what I do. Two, I’€™m a very hard worker. And three, my perspective on this game has never been short of this could have easily been the next person, and I play basketball for a lot of guys who haven’€™t made it, the guys who were forgotten, the guys who have lost their lives and probably took another route, and I’€™ve always said that. We all know the stories of the street legends who were probably better than some others in the league, just not as disciplined or not as consistent with their work ethic or for whatever reason took a left turn, I’€™ve always believed in that. To hear critics or people who’€™ve never picked up a basketball or whoever, or whomever has never even played the game versus just sitting there watching it and critiquing it, it’€™s sometimes frustrating but it’€™s an opinion, this is our world we live in and I’€™m understanding of that. So with all that mixed in together, when I was feeling when I was talking about with Michelle I was speaking like anything is possible really. Me winning it with these guys here was more of an example of for the people who don’€™t believe in life, and don’€™t believe things can happen, for the people who believe and don’€™t belive that, ya know I’€™m pushing today, I’€™m pushing tomorrow, man I’€™m not getting anything out of it man I’€™m fixing to give up, man that’€™s what that was for. That was for all the non-believers and the people who just don’€™t believe in it being possible. And you know what, today, tomorrow, it might not be that way but if you continue to work, you continue to push towards a goal, sooner or later it’€™s going to have to come thru and that’€™s what came out of me. My offseason was, a lot of people as always, appreciated me for my hard work and how hard I played, and that’€™s the biggest compliment you can ever, ever, ever get in this game. To be solidified with a championship, to be solidified with your own personal awards and accolades that you won in the game is one thing, but to be solidified as a champion, ya know, like whole-heartedly, it being in your hand, you seeing it, banners, pictures, film, that’€™s just what it did, it was just like full circle for me.

D&H: It’€™s always a pleasure to talk basketball with you, we really appreciate your time.

KG: Hey man, thank ya’€™ll for having me man. Ya’€™ll take it easy and keep supporting all the garbage men out there ya hear me?

D&H: Hey, what they going to say now, I’€™m certified.

KG: Hey, what they going to say now, what can they say now? Peace ya’€™ll.

D&H: That was Kevin Garnett joining us on the AT&T hotline, your world delivered


Around the NFL…

01.16.09 at 11:22 am ET
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The NFL coaching landscape is coming into clearer focus. With Josh McDaniels in Denver, Eric Mangini  in Cleveland and Jim Schwartz off to Detroit, the only remaining questions that remain now are whether Herm Edwards remains in Kansas City and whether Giants‘ D-coordinator Steve Spagnuolo’s ‘secret’ meeting with the Jets results in a head coaching gig. Rex Ryan, Baltimore’s defensive coordinator, is otherwise occupied this weekend trying to come up with a scheme to stop Ben Roethlisberger and advance to the Super Bowl. Ryan and Spags are considered the finalists to replace Eric Mangini.

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As the Cowboys Turn: A T.O. Video Retrospective

01.16.09 at 11:17 am ET
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(A guest post by intern Drew “Great” Scott)

In a shocking development, the combination of Terrell Owens, Drew Rosenhaus and the Dallas Cowboys has again created a firestorm of controversy. ESPN reported that the Cowboys are fed up with T.O., and are contemplating his release. Rosenhaus counters that the Cowboys aren’t about to go that route. Whatever.

Given the speculation about Owens, we decided that it was as good a time as any to take a look back at his illustrious career. Not so much at his statistics and mind-blowing catches, but more at his knack for Hall of Fame-caliber press conferences and end zone celebrations.

The first order of business is to cover the Top 5 Terrell Owens press conferences and interviews:

1.    TO gets emotional about his QB

2.    Terrell Owens loves the kids

3.    TO ‘€œloves the fans’€ and loves to workout in his driveway. He also breaks the world record for ‘€œno comments’€ in a single interview.

4.    I guess technically this isn’€™t an interview, but I can’€™t help but laugh when TO says, ‘€œBut Donovan needs me!’€

5.    Nothing better than TO running his mouth on the field. Video includes such classics as:

‘€œAll I want to know is if you’€™ve got your popcorn ready?’€
‘€œI love me some me!’€
And ‘€œYou can hate me all y’€™all want to, but you can’€™t stop me.’€

Grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy.

No countdown of Terrell Owens moments would be complete without a recap of his epic end zone dance moves.  So without further adieu here is a list of the Top 5 T.O. touchdown celebrations:

1.    Apparently Steve Mariucci didn’€™t see Terrell Owens run onto the star in Dallas. Suuuure you didn’€™t, Steve.

2.    Something tells me that you probably don’€™t want to mock Ray Lewis Apparently T.O. didn’€™t get that memo.

3.    TO shows the fans that he is ready for the 2012 Olympics.

4.    Oops this isn’€™t a celebration is it?  It is, however, a random guy doing a heck of a T.O. impression. From what I can see I think that Darius has huge upside. He could easily be the next Frank Caliendo. He might want to consider hiring a camera man, though.

5.    I think that TO is the only Wide Receiver in the NFL to have a rap song written about him entitled ‘€œThe Best WR in the NFL’€

I certainly don’€™t want to shove too much Terrell Owens down your throat, so in an effort to add a little bit of local flavor I’€™ll take a look at our own misunderstood wideout, Mr. Randy Moss. (Why is it that wide receivers are so eccentric?) So for your viewing pleasure here are the top five Moss moments:
1.    Randy Moss commits a ‘€œdisgusting act’€ at Lambeau.

2.    Randy says hello to a dear friend in the stands at Gillette.

3.    I think it’€™s safe to say that Randy’€™s hair really makes this video.

4.    Wait, how does Randy pay for all those fines that he gets?

5.    Randy loved his time with the Raiders, and this video proves it.

Top 50 Sportscasters

01.14.09 at 4:31 pm ET
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If you watch enough sports, like I do, these names become a part of your extended family. They are in your homes on a weekly, sometimes daily basis, and provide a degree of comfort. Can you imagine anyone else besides Jim Nantz hosting The Masters? Just listening to Nance on the Masters promos, which air around March Madness, strikes a chord and sends shivers of anticipation for the first major of the year.

Recently, The American Sportscasters Association compiled a complete list of the Top 50 sportscasters picked by their members and a special committee. Check out the top ten below (each with a hyperlink to add some flavor):

1. Vin Scully
2. Mel Allen
3. Red Barber
4. Curt Gowdy
5. Howard Cosell
6. Bob Costas
7. Jim McKay
8. Keith Jackson
9. Al Michaels
10. Dick Enberg

Click here for complete Top 50 list.

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Head Chief in KC

01.14.09 at 11:45 am ET
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Now that he has the job of re-building the Kansas City Chiefs, reaction is coming in on what kind of job Scott Pioli will do and what it will mean to Chiefs fans who are hoping the executive who helped build the Patriots dynasty can do the same for them. Adam Teicher, of the Kansas City Star, has the main story, including the fact that Pioli will report directly to Clark Hunt, the team’s chairman. Kent Babb details how Pioli has been preparing for this moment all along in New England. Teicher writes that if, as expected, Pioli fires Herm Edwards, there will be a competition to find a new suitable coach. However, it’s believed that Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz is the guy that Pioli has targeted all along. One guy it probably WON’T be is Tennessee defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, as Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio tells us. Pioli is expected to be introduced to the Kansas City media sometime late Wednesday afternoon.

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Smoltz Signing May Prove To Be Best Of Off-Season

01.13.09 at 7:40 pm ET
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John Smoltz was introduced as a member of the Red Sox this morning at Fenway Park.  After twenty seasons, and parts of three decades in Atlanta, Smoltz is bringing his game to New England.  In an off-season that could be described as relatively uneventful, this signing will prove to be Theo Epstein’s best.

In a city that cannot get enough of its baseball, there seems to be nothing fans admire more than a big-game player – see David OrtizCurt Schilling, and Josh Beckett.  Smoltz epitomizes just that.  His postseason stats speak for themselves.  He is 15-4 with 4 saves and a 2.65 ERA is 40 games that really matter.  He wants the ball all the time.  His stuff is nasty, and his heart is even bigger.

Epstein has made numerous acquisitions this off-season that have been low risk, with a potential for a tremendous reward.  The reward on Smoltz could prove to be the biggest.  Smoltz is far ahead of schedule in his recovery from major right shoulder surgery.  Epstein and Smoltz both say he could be ready in April if he had to be.  Thankfully, Epstein lives by the “You can never have too much pitching” mentality and Smoltz won’t be used early on.  He’ll be given ample time to fully recover.  That way, when the Red Sox need him in the dog-days on summer and the postseason, he’ll be 100 percent.

As the only pitcher in Major League history to have over 200 wins and 150 saves, Smoltz could theoretically be used as a starter or reliever.  Smartly, the plan is for him to be a starter in Boston.  When healthy, the 41 year old is still a dominant force, as he’s thrown over 200 innings in three of the last four seasons.  Oh yeah, and he’s also never given up an earned run in Fenway Park.  Give me a postseason series with Beckett, Lester, Dice-K, and Smoltz starting games 1-4, and I’ll show you a World Series champion.

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Belichick Supports McDaniels’ Decision

01.12.09 at 7:02 pm ET
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As Josh McDaniels is set to be introduced as the new head coach of the Denver Broncos, I caught myself wondering how Bill Belichick would react.  If we think back not too long ago, Bill wasn’t exactly happy with Eric Mangini’s decision to join the New York Jets.  I assumed Belichick and the Patriots would issue some sort of statement, but Bill’s comments caught me a bit off-guard – in a good way.

“Josh McDaniels is one of the finest people and brightest, most talented coaches I have ever worked with. Since joining us eight years ago, Josh performed a variety of roles and excelled in every one of them. Between his work on defense, in scouting, player evaluation and coordinating the offense, Josh is a very well-rounded coach whose outstanding body of work speaks for itself. He is the product of a pure football environment which is evident in his approach to the game. On behalf of the entire Patriots organization, we thank Josh for tremendous success in New England and congratulate him and the McDaniels family for this most deserving opportunity for advancement.”

Wait a minute.  That’s not the Bill Belichick we know and love.  What happened to the guy who won’t even shake Mangini’s hand and look him in the eye at the same time?  Shouldn’t Bill be mad at McDaniels too?  No.

This is different.  First off, McDaniels hasn’t yet tried to steal away Patriots coaches to go west with him.  Rumor has it that Man-genius tried that little maneuver moments after he landed the gig with New York.  And the Broncos?  Last time I checked they didn’t play in the AFC East.

We’ll never know the full extent of why Belichick and Mangini don’t get along any more.  What we do know, however, is that today, Bill Belichick showed a ton of class.  I applaud him for it, and equal his sentiment.  Good luck in Denver, Josh.

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