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Rice’s Hall of Fame Comments

01.12.09 at 5:07 pm ET
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The MLB Network spoke with former Red Sox outfielder Jim Rice, who was elected to the Hall of Fame today in his final year of eligibility.  After the announcement was made live on MLB Network, Rice was on the phone live with Greg Amsinger, Harold Reynolds, Barry Larkin, Tom Verducci and Jon Heyman.  Here is a sampling of Rice’€™s comments to MLB Network:


‘€œWell, you know, what can you say?  I don’€™t think you can go back and look at the past.  You look at the numbers, that some of the guys that talk about the numbers have not changed, but you leave all that in the past.  I’€™m looking forward to the future.’€


‘€œI would probably say more like Henry Aaron, a man from South   Carolina.  Atlanta was pretty close to South Carolina and of course I met him when he played with Milwaukee.  And the writer in South Carolina was pretty good friends with Hank, and so probably I looked at Hank more than anybody else.’€


‘€œWell that, I mean, you have no control over.  I heard you guys talk about Andre Dawson.  This guy’€™s a tremendous baseball player.  I mean, look at the numbers that he put up.  And, you just take it with a grain of salt because there’€™s nothing you can do.  You just wait and wait and hope that somewhere down the line that they realize that you were special.’€


‘€œWell, personally, I have to go back and look at my father.  My father was a very strong man and, coming from a family of 9, you know, he was very strict and taught you right from wrong.  But as far as baseball-wise, you have to look at guys like Johnny Pesky, a guy like Don Zimmer.  When I came up in ‘€™75, we had a lot of guys that had baseball knowledge.  And, of course, my high school coach, I mean the things I learned in high school, I had already picked that up when I got to the big leagues.  So you look at guys like Don Zimmer, Johnny Pesky, Ted Williams around, Tommy Harper, I mean, you look at all the guys that you associate with the Red Sox organization.  That’€™s a lot of knowledge.  And those are the guys that influenced me more than anything else.’€

In addition to the MLB Network interview, here are some comments from the Red Sox staff and additional comments from Jim Rice:

Red Sox CEO Larry Lucchino – “Jim was one of the most dominant hitters to wear the uniform, and his selection validates what Red Sox fans have known for a long time – that Jim Rice was one of the greatest offensive players to ever play the game of baseball.”

Carl Yastrzemski: “Congratulations to Jimmy on his election to the Hall of Fame. It was long overdue. He was a great teammate and friend. I’m looking forward to his induction in July. I can only hope the day will come when Dwight Evans and Luis Tiant will also join us in Cooperstown.”

Jim Rice on his relationship with the Red Sox: “I had an opportunity to go elsewhere. I chose to stay here. I’m still here.”

Jim Rice on walks:  “The mailman walks. The milkman walks. The guy who delivers the paper walks…we didn’t worry about on-base percentage. We worried about driving runners in.”

Rice on playing today’s game: “Today, I would have been making 27 million,” he joked.”

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Friendship is strong, but the burger is stronger!

01.12.09 at 2:00 pm ET
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Those savvy Burger King marketers are at it again. A few weeks back, LEEINKS blogged about the new Burger King fragrance. Well, now the self-proclaimed king of burgers wants to know if you are willing to part ways with ten of your facebook friends for a free Whopper. The ‘€œWhopper Sacrifice’€ Facebook app, which launched on Wednesday, asks users to choose 10 Facebook friends they won’€™t mind losing from their profiles. Once they’€™ve put those 10 expendable friends to the torch’€”literally, their profile photos can be set ablaze’€”Burger King will send a coupon redeemable for a free Whopper at participating restaurants. UPDATE: Facebook Burns BK ‘€œWhopper Sacrifice’€.

Facebook marketing continues to explode like Willis McGahee’s knee in the BCS title game. For example, check out today’s column by Jessica Camerato on One Fan’€™s Push to Send Scal to Phoenix for the NBA All-Star Game. No disrespect to Scal, who played a great game in Toronto on Sunday (7 points, 2 Rebounds, and 6 fouls in 25 minutes), but he won’t be joining the Big 3 in Phoenix.

So when you are on Facebook deleting those ten facebook for a Whopper, be sure to join the WEEI Fan Page or add a WEEI Content Widget to your page!

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What next…

01.12.09 at 11:45 am ET
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With Josh Mcdaniels about to be introduced as the new head coach in Denver later today, and Scott Pioli still on the radar of the Kansas City Chiefs, the Patriots will get busy on considering candidates to replace them. While there still exists the possibility that Pioli will return to Foxboro, one thing is for sure, the Patriots will have to find themselves a new offensive coordinator. Our own Michael Felger breaks down what it all means. Will they, as Mike Reiss of the Boston Globe suggests, promote from within to help with the transition or have head coach Bill Belichick get more involved in play-calling? Or will they consider names like Mike Martz, whom Belichick has always admired as an offensive mind, and Kevin Gilbride, should he get axed from the gig with the Giants.

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On second thought…

01.12.09 at 10:00 am ET
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The developments are coming fast and furious out in Mile High city. Josh McDaniels, according to both and The NFL Network, will be named the new head coach of the Denver Broncos today. The hiring of a 32-year-old former Patriots offensive coordinator makes sense in one key area, McDaniels has worked with Tom Brady and the great Patriots offense of 2007 and this season, worked with Matt Cassel and oversaw a surprisingly powerful offense. Now McDaniels will get the chance to work with the talented signal-caller Jay Cutler. Receiver Brandon Marshall certainly seems stoked about McDaniels. On the defensive side, it was reported by the Denver Post that Dom Capers would leave the Patriots to take the reigns as the defensive coordinator. But now, the NFL Network’s Adam Schefter reports that former 49ers head coach Mike Nolan will get that gig. Stay tuned.

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“no regard for human life”

01.09.09 at 11:18 am ET
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I am sure Celtics fans have not forgotten Kevin Harlan’s infamous call from last year’s Celtics – Cavs playoff series:

When a play like this happens against your team, the immediate reaction is to either look at your buddies with that blank “I think I just swallowed my gum look” or channel Ted Sarandi’s signature “WOW” call.  I usually choose the former when it comes to LeBron James because he simply does things you can’t explain and they come out of know where.

The Celtics take on the LeBron’s (yes, I think Cleveland should re-name the team) tonight, and there is no doubt that King James will be playing “with no regard for human life.” What is in doubt is if the Celtics, who are mired in a mini-slump, will show some life on the defensive end to show that they are still the team to beat this season.

I just wish Kevin Harlan was there to call this one.

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Millar vs. Pedroia and the battle for No. 15

01.09.09 at 10:45 am ET
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The MLB Network offered a particularly entertaining exchange between guest studio host Kevin Millar and Dustin Pedroia about the rightful guardian of No. 15 in Red Sox lore.

Kevin Millar: I tell you what, I have a card here with a long list. You’€™ve been in the league for two years. You’€™ve been Rookie of the Year, MVP, won a Gold Glove, Silver Slugger, you’€™re on the cover of MLB ‘€™09: The Show, you started the All-Star Game, you’€™ve won a title, and you’€™re wearing my number. What’€™s left?

Dustin Pedroia: The most impressive thing out of all that stuff is wearing your number, for sure. I remember last year, we were going to a game and I saw this elderly lady wearing No. 15. I thought, ‘€˜That’€™s pretty sweet.’€™ Then I looked up closer and it said Millar on the back, and I almost threw up a little bit. I was like, ‘€˜Are you kidding me? That was, like, 1,000 years ago.’€™ It was hilarious.

For the full interview, click here.

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The Bronx is spurned…

01.06.09 at 1:14 pm ET
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Andy Pettitte may have said good-bye again to the New York Yankees. The New York Times reports the lefty has turned down a one-year, $10 million offer from the Bombers after the Yankees showed their support for him when he was included in the Mitchell Report following the 2007 season. The Yankees did complete a bit of business by finalizing their eight-year, $180 million deal for new 1B Mark Teixeira. Meanwhile, former Yankees DH/1B Jason Giambi is close to inking a deal with the Oakland A’s, the team where he got his start and won AL MVP in 2000, reports There had been some talk earlier this off-season that Giambi was in the mix in Tampa Bay, but the Rays were more in need of right-handed pop and filled that need by signing Pat Burrell, who faced the Rays in the 2008 World Series.

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KG OK with Starbury…

01.05.09 at 9:54 am ET
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There has been some speculation on what type of impact the potential addition of Stephon Marbury would have on the chemistry of the Boston Celtics. Kevin Garnett has no such concerns, according to ESPN’s Chris Sheridan. On the football front, Scott Pioli interviews in Kansas City today for the Chiefs G.M. job but there is speculation in Denver that a team of Pioli and Pats offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels could be on the way, especially since the Broncos favor McDaniels, according to the NFL Network’s Adam Schefter. And while McDaniels could be on a mile high trip, Eric Mangini could be going from the swamp of the Meadowlands to the mistake by the lake as he appears to be the favored head coaching candidate in Cleveland.

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Julien an All-Star

01.04.09 at 4:24 pm ET
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Saturday’s loss that snapped the Bruins’ 10-game winning streak won’t keep head coach Claude Julien from returning to Montreal as an all-star. Matt Kalman of the Bruins Blog explains. Our own Joe Haggerty tells us that there will be no Bruins will be starting the game while knee surgery is on the horizon for Marco Sturm.  Meanwhile, as we first told you on Friday, Matt Cassel will be franchised by the Patriots, according to the latest story from ESPN.

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McDaniels a weekend warrior…

01.03.09 at 12:26 pm ET
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This figures to be a whirlwind weekend for Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. He interviewed for the vacant Cleveland Browns head coaching job on Friday, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. McDaniels is considered one of three leading candidates in Cleveland, along with ex-Jets coach Eric Mangini and Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz. McDaniels, in search of his first NFL head coaching gig, is also expected to interview for the open head coaching job in Denver on Sunday. Meanwhile, there could be an intriguing twist involving former Broncos coach Mike Shanahan, who was fired on Tuesday. Pro Football Talk has ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reporting that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones may be ready to go back on his word to keep Wade Phillips if Shanahan, a QB guru, is interested in taking over the Pokes.

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