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03.03.09 at 3:15 pm ET
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Compiled by Drew Scott

Before guys like Adam ‘€œPacman’€ Jones and Chris Henry made headlines for their inability to stay out of trouble, there was another NFL player whose off the field transgressions actually landed him behind bars.

The problems for Maurice Clarett started early when he filed a lawsuit against the NFL to allow him to enter the draft as a freshman. After being unsuccessful with that endeavor, he was involved in a number of mishaps including filing a false police report which got him suspended by Ohio State.

After a brief stint in the NFL with the Denver Broncos, Clarett once again found himself in trouble. He was sentenced to 7 1/2 years in prison for robbery, carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, and resisting arrest.

Now Clarett believes that he has found his calling. In his new blog he shares his thoughts on what he has been through and offers advice to others based on his experiences.

It may be difficult to take advice from a man who went from this:

To this:

But I will let you all judge for yourselves. Here is a sample of Clarett’€™s blog: ‘€œYou think you have it bad, but remember somebody else always has it worse. Daily, I see many men regret the choices they’€™ve made that put them in situations where they are serving more time than they can ever imagine. There are men in here that have been in prison as long as I’€™ve been alive.’€

Morning Links

03.03.09 at 10:06 am ET
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Things are getting a little tough for Josh McDaniels in Denver. How tough? Check out this site (turn your volume down before you click on the link, unless you want some of Colorado’s finest death metal to bleed out of your speakers). It looks like the kind of thing Browns fans would have done to Belichick in the mid-1990s. It’s good to know that some things never change ‘€” it appears A-Rod remains one of the most clueless people on the planet. Speaking of the eternally clueless, here’s a Brett Favre update. (Clickable, if only for the accompanying photo.) Here are the odds on the next sports star to get hitched. Lou Piniella says what we were all thinking about Steve Phillips.

And finally, here’s Kevin Garnett hanging out with David Beckham:

Morning Links

03.02.09 at 10:00 am ET
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Hey Bill. How are you doing? Really? Lotta snow, huh? That’s great. Hey … uh, I was just wondering ‘€” any chance I can get my old job back? Yeah, I kinda had a bad week out here. I really can’t go into it right now, but there was this thing with my quarterback, then the wide receiver went all … well, it’s kind of a long story. … OK, well, get back to me when you get a chance. Thanks!

(Is it just me, or does Jay Cutler need to man up and stop complaining? So your team was going to trade you? Does that make you special? Wahhhhhh!. Guys are traded all the time in the NFL. Sorry about that, Mister Sensitive. We weren’t aware of your delicate nature. Suck it up and move on.)

In other news, Don Cherry is no fan of Alex Ovechkin. (I’m totally gonna go out today and get me one of those coats.) Politics aside, these guys raise an interesting question about Obama’s decision to go to a Washington Wizards game over the weekend. (UPDATE — Reports are that Obama paid for his tickets.) Fan IQ has a countdown of the 10 Ugliest baseball Uniforms of All-Time.

And finally, Digger Phelps dancing. Dance, you crazy old fool. Dance like the wind!

Brady and Gisele make it official

02.27.09 at 8:39 am ET
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We’re going to take a pass on the usual dopey collection of Morning Links today (hey, there will be plenty of time over the weekend for us to dig out more pictures of a fat CC Sabathia or another nutty Stephon Marbury video) to bring you the Tom Brady wedding news. According to ‘€” who, as far as we can tell, had the news first last night ‘€” Brady and Gisele Bundchen have gotten married. The two were hitched Thursday night at a church in Santa Monica, Calif., less than a mile from the beach. According to reports, Brady’s son John Edward Thomas was present, as well as his ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan. Oh, and according to CNN, Gisele’s dogs were there to help out. (That’s not code for anything. Her actual dogs were there.) US Weekly also has more details here. (They’ve also got a photo collection of Tom and Gisele’s most romantic moments.) MSNBC and Fox also report on the ceremony. Heard that Gisele was set to toss the bouquet, but Champ Bailey read the play, jumped the route and took it all the way back for a touchdown. Zing!

You’re better than that, Terps fans

02.26.09 at 12:54 pm ET
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Compiled by Drew Scott

You often hear about the passion and zeal college basketball fans ‘€” especially the students ‘€” feel for their teams. Last night, during a heated rivalry game between Duke and Maryland, it seemed like that passion may have gone a little bit too far. It was reported that Maryland fans prank called the Blue Devils hotel rooms the night before the game until the players finally asked the front desk to have their phones turned off. They also put Operation: Scheyerface 2.0 into effect, so that they could force John Scheyer to hit key second half free throws while looking at a wall of students holding black & white printouts of his face. Now although the prank calling might have been a little extreme, it wasn’€™t either one of these events that led me to believe Maryland fans lacked a certain amount of class last night.

The largest crowd reaction I saw during the entire game was after Dave Neal set a cringe-worthy screen on Nolan Smith. At the end of the day it was a legal and acceptable play, but when an opposing player is lying on the ground senseless, it might be about time to quiet down to see if maybe he’€™s OK.

I guess I just wish that a coach like Gary Williams ‘€” with over 600 career wins ‘€” would ask for a little more from the Terrapins fans.

Morning Links

02.26.09 at 9:33 am ET
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The folks in Cleveland have given us a lot of great stuff, like “The Drew Carey Show” and the 1999 Indians. (remember 23-7? Good times.) That’s why it’s so out of character for them to be ripping on new Celtic Mikki Moore. Oh, well. Cleveland sports fans can comfort themselves with knowing that Indians new closer Kerry Wood is injury-free. The durable fireballer surely won’t get hurt this … wait a minute. What? He’s what? Oh, OK. Sorry. Scratch that.

What’s the best way for a suddenly high-profle lawman to be taken seriously? If you said hold a press conference while wearing a blonde wig, a bulletproof vest and three bronze medals around your neck, you’re a winner. (The clock is striking 14:57, 14:58, 14:59….) Does anyone remember when Mike Greenwell used to slide into first? Apparently, Nick Punto doesn’t. I like Nick Punto, but he’s not going to be accepted into Mensa anytime soon. And if you love mocking Tampa Bay baseball fans, have I got something for you.

And with the imminent arrival of Stephon Marbury, I’m hoping one of the local Sunday night shows can come up with an interview to rival this one. It’s from a couple of years ago in New York, and it’s just like David Frost and Richard Nixon … if Frost was a New York TV reporter and Nixon had a tattoo on the side of his head. Watch it until the end — you won’t be disappointed:

Morning Links

02.25.09 at 10:15 am ET
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It’s not easy being Scott Eyre, and not just because no one is ever really sure just how to pronounce his name. He’s one of several ballplayers ‘€” a group that includes noted legal scholar Johnny Damon ‘€” who has had his bank accounts frozen due to the ongoing investigation into the Stanford Financial fraud case. Jason Giambi says there isn’t much he’s qualified to do once his playing career ends, other than maybe this. (Scroll down for the answer.) That’s quite a life you’ve made for yourself there, Mister. Although we shouldn’t be surprised. I mean, what was he going to say? Pharmacist? (Oh, wait……)

I have to admit I was never really a big Nate Robinson fan before (I’ve talked to some people who have dealt with him, and they all say to a man he’s a jerk), but I think I may have to change my tune after reading this. (Think they could find a role for him in “Anchorman 2″?) Although they still can’t seem to get his nickname right in the New York Post (via The Sports Hernia). How much could watching a Bears-Lions game cost you? How about $27,788.93? Awesome!

Here’s the best of the week in the NHL:

And to celebrate the looming deal in place that will bring Stephon Marbury to the Celtics, we’ll bring you the latest ‘€” and what appears to be final ‘€” short film starring our man Starbury and some dude from California.

(Check out YouTube for the previous four installments.)

Afternoon Links

02.24.09 at 2:25 pm ET
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Compiled by Drew Scott

In honor of this absolutely absurd half-court buzzer-beater by Devin Harris against the Sixers last night (see below), let’€™s take a look at some of the most clutch players and most ridiculous last-second shots in recent NBA history:

Maybe Devin Harris should strive to reach buzzer beater greatness like Michael Jordan:

Here are the Top 10 Buzzer Beaters from last season:

And here are a couple Paul Pierce / Ray Allen classics:

Pierce vs. the Hawks:

An oldie but goodie from Pierce during the 2006 season vs. Washington:

Ray Allen vs. Raptors:

Ray Allen vs. Charlotte:

Morning Links

02.24.09 at 8:56 am ET
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Maybe it’s just me. But if your manager organizes a day of pool away from the ballpark because your team needs a “break” from the game ‘€” and it’s only the third week of February ‘€” that’s a bad, bad sign. Of course, if you’ve been working hard in the offseason to stay in top physical form like CC Sabathia here, I can see why you would need to spend time away from the grind of staying in shape. (Well, I guess round is a shape…) Keeping on that Yankees’ theme, this blog has some great captions for Yankees photo day.

This guy is a jerk, and we’re glad he’s finally getting what he deserves. Here are the 10 Worst Contracts in the NHL. (Bonus: No Bruins.) And after watching this video, I’ve decided to call in sick and head to Home Depot:

Morning Links

02.20.09 at 8:09 am ET
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The NBA trade deadline has come and gone, and Stephon Marbury won’t be coming to Boston. Well, look at it this way, Starbury fans ‘€” it’ll give him more time to work on his improv career. A story in SLAM Magazine revealed that Marbury was spotted at this bus stop, and, well, I’ll let you read about the rest here. The result was a pair of bizarre short films involving everyone’s favorite point guard with a tattoo on his head. Here’s the first one:

And here’s the second:

And just because it’s the end of the week, we’ve got another video for you. This one is the latest mascot injury, Bango the Buck. He tore is ACL helping another mascot perform a stunt during NBA All-Star Weekend. Love how the other mascots keep in character, playing to the crowd as Bango limps off the floor at the end, weeping inside his oversized mascot head:

To finish up, we’ve got a list of the top sports scenes in non-sports movies. Jose Guillen is a tougher dude that I am. And SI finally reveals the reason behind the removal of Danica’s tattoo.