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A-Rod’s cousin and Ranger’s Tix

02.19.09 at 11:45 am ET
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Bob Mantz, international columnist for Bob’s Blitz,  writes that “Arod’s claim of being young, stupid, naive – all blown out of the water. His cousin Yuri was training with Charles Colaw (pictured left) prior to 2004. Doesn’t sound like a bumbling comedy show to us. Yuri knew bodybuilding as Colaw was / is a distinguished trainer and bodybuilder.”

Arod digs deeper: Thursday, November 11, 2004 – Examiner-Enterprise: ‘Fitness training means more than just getting into shape‘ by Trevor Persaud.

Quote, “Clients come to him ranging from college students with absolutely no money, exotic dancers, Hooters girls, doctors, doctors’ wives and CEOs. He’s even worked with Yuri Sucart, the personal manager of baseball great Alex Rodriguez.

Why are all these people coming to Charles Colaw?”
With eight certifications from nationally recognized schools such as the Cooper Institute, Colaw has worked at the popular 24-hour fitness gym in Dallas – which is where he trained Yuri Sucart and worked out with other big names, such as NFL player Tony Dorset, Jr. Sucart, he says, could get him tickets to Rangers games whenever he wanted. While working there, his superiors “wrote me up” for being outspoken about his faith.

Click here to read the rest of Bob’s blog post on A-Rod and his cousin’s connection.

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Morning Links

02.19.09 at 8:06 am ET
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Welcome to the latest edition of Kickers Gone Wild! First, Steelers’ kicker Jeff Reed gets all handsy with a paper towel dispenser at a gas station. Now, the Ball State kicker is arrested for driving drunk. Whatever happened to the days where kickers could be mocked openly without fear of them losing their you-know-what?

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Is there something we can do to Alexander Ovechkin to make things fair for the rest of the league. Like have him tie one hand behind his back, or something? This is getting ridiculous. Look what he did last night:

First and only time I’ve seen this collection of words together in the same headline. What, going to Houston or Phoenix isn’t as appealing as a trip to Hawaii? Whatever. (New Orleans, maybe. But definitely not Houston.) And as bad as life gets, just remember: you could always be a Bengals’ fan.

KG says what we are all thinking

02.18.09 at 12:07 pm ET
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No introduction needed:

Don’t invite Brad Penny and Larry Bowa to the same BBQ

02.18.09 at 10:44 am ET
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Sheesh. We knew Larry Bowa had a proclivity to speak his mind, but he really doesn’t hold back. He was asked recently about new Sox pitcher Brad Penny ‘€” the two were together in Los Angeles ‘€” and he let fly. Check out the story here. Yikes. “Put that on the (expletive) dot-com.”

Morning Links

02.18.09 at 9:45 am ET
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First, Allen Iverson’s tats magically disappeared in an issue of Hoop Magazine. Now, SI has decided to do the same to Danica Patrick. Not that we were paying that close attention, or anything. Really. In the wake of yesterday’s A-Rod press conference, there were some interesting quotes, but it was Johnny Damon who offered up the biggest head-scratcher. I’ll give Damon credit for being the only Yankee to speak (way to come out and back your teammate in the papers, guys), but his quote was hardly the kind of thing that would give A-Rod the moral high ground. (I love the idea of Damon offering that legal qualifier: What’s worse, Johnny, shoplifting or murder?)

Is there anyone else who thinks that this isn’t the way Ken Griffey Jr., should end his career? You sure you want to make this public, Heath Bell? You know, you don’t have to tell us in the media, everything. Of course, if it leads to an endorsement deal, I take that back.

And finally, here’s our highlight of the night from the NBA — love the use of the phrase “dumptrucking.”

Morning Links

02.17.09 at 10:24 am ET
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When it comes to cool grandmas, there’s Rappin’ Granny, my Grandmother (who taught me how to score a baseball game) and this elderly woman, a USC football fan who decided to partake in some tailgating action this past fall.

Hey, here’s a good idea ‘€” let’s give Michael Strahan his own show! (Dismissive rolling of the eyes.) Fox is apparently in talks with Strahan to give him his own sitcom. I know — make him a wacky dentist who refuses to get his teeth fixed. Make Jackee his next door neighbor who always calls him “Gappy.” Here’s a pic that’ll give you nightmares. No worries — the owner says he doesn’t want him. And here are some pics from inside the new Yankee Stadium ‘€” as one Whiner Line caller said, it’s the House that Roids built.

BK out of WBC

02.16.09 at 11:31 am ET
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Byung-Hyun Kim ‘€” remember him? He won’t be going to World Baseball Classic because he lost his passport. I love the way the story hammers him, calling Kim’s big league history a series of “dumbfounding affairs,” and saying he has found “another (failure) to stash away amid the recesses of his storied career.” Your move, Shaughnessy.

Morning Links

02.16.09 at 9:59 am ET
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So in less than a year, we go from this to this? I don’t get it either. Watching them yuk it up with each other after the game was bizarre. In fact, between AI’s new hairstyle and DWade’s use of of bandages as a fashion statement, it was a pretty strange weekend. I didn’t even mention this “America’s Best Dance Crew” meets “Eyes Wide Shut” routine that Shaq pulled.

Oh, well. At least the dunk contest was relatively interesting.

Oh, there was other stuff too. The best boxing story since Mike Tyson announced last week he was coming out with an autobiography. Hey boxing — check your rearview mirror. That’s UFC coming up behind you. Professional hockey in Atlanta is in trouble for several reasons, including poor attendance. Yep, that’s right. A pro team in Atlanta is having trouble drawing fans. I think we could all safely say that everyone on Earth saw this one coming.

And there’s a debate with this guy. Some hockey fans love him, some hate him. I’ll let you be the judge. My favorite might be, “Ma! The MEATLOAF!”

Morning Links

02.13.09 at 10:24 am ET
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It’s NBA All-Star Weekend, which used to bring one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year ‘€” the slam dunk contest. Back in the day, it was a battle. Dwight Howard brought back some of the old-school flavor and drama last year, but on the whole, it’s degenerated into a forgettable affair. (Carlson Mozdiez took a look back at the contest recently in this LEEInks entry.) Here are some of the more memorable moments in slam dunk history:

The contest had been around for a few years and started to draw some notice, but it really took off in 1986 when Spud Webb beat Dominique for the title. The Jordan Years were chock full of highlights ‘€” this shows the progression of No. 23, which included a second-place finish in 1985 to Wilkins, his transcendent effort in 1987 and his second title in 1988. With apologies to Gerald Green, the best Boston moment had to come from Dee Brown in 1991 when he pumped up the crowd and beat Shawn Kemp. Setting aside last year’s effort by Howard, the contest might have officially jumped the shark in 2000 after a tremendous performance by Vince Carter. (It was part of a great year in dunking for Carter, who also gave Frederic Weis the ultimate facial at the Olympics later that year.) Finally, here’s a pretty comprehensive countdown of the Top 10 moments in the history of the contest.

The Dirty Byrd

02.12.09 at 6:57 pm ET
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Paul Byrd’s stint in Boston was quite brief, but memorable. After the Red Sox acquired him from the Indians in mid-August, he went 4-2 with a 4.78 ERA, helping to stabilize a final rotation spot that had been leaking wins amidst Clay Buchholz‘ struggles. He also took the prize as the best guest of the all-too-short-lived City Hall with Sean Casey, delivering an epic performance in describing one of the most dangerous phenomena in Major League Baseball.

Byrd’s welcome mixture of humility and humor was also evident in this interview with Fire Brand of the American League. In it, the semi-retired Byrd delivers an epic anecdote about one of his most embarrassing moments in the game. It’s impossible to tease the story without a spoiler — aside from saying that one should be careful about buying game-worn Paul Byrd jerseys.

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