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Mass. people are blaming Donald Trump for their weight gain

11.21.16 at 9:48 am ET

Boston GlobeCome this time of year, it’s usually the holidays that lead to overeating. But now another event has some people packing on the pounds: the election of Donald Trump.

From Massachusetts General Hospital’s Weight Center, to a pilates studio in Belmont, to a South End bakery, some Hillary Clinton supporters have taken to stress eating, bigly.

“The response is similar to what you see after a divorce or a death in the family,” said Fatima Cody Stanford, an obesity-medicine physician at MGH’s Weight Center.

“Numb” and “fearful” patients are backsliding into comfort food, she said, adding that it’s too early to know whether people will lose the Trump weight.

“We’ve never dealt with anything like this,” she said. “But I can say that if you look at historical events that are very stressful, they can lead to long-term weight retention.”

Alas, as aspiring dieters know, plain old life can lead to long-term weight retention — as can celebratory events, meaning elated Trump voters may be gaining weight, too. Yes, in a rare show of bipartisanship, those on both sides of the aisle could be putting on the Trump 10.

We are running out of things to blame for gaining weight.

I once read a magazine article with the headline, “Is your house making you fat?” So blaming outside factors for weight gain is nothing new –Trump is just the easiest target right now.

My favorite part of this is when one Burlington resident said, “Last night I went for homemade mac and cheese. It was satisfying, although that damn [jerk] is still going to be my president.”

And a Pilates teacher is freaking out because she had two glasses of wine three nights in a row and that’s just so out of character for her. An executive for a diet app company said after the election, “A lot of our active users couldn’t even stand to log in.”

People who are gluten-free are eating regular bread. One Somerville vegan said she just wants to be around people an if someone tries to feed her a vegetarian meal instead of a vegan one she would eat it because she values the human connection over being vegan.

It’s just utter chaos out there.

On the flip side, the “Trump 10″ is also going the other way: “A (smaller) group of Clinton diehards have already stopped eating out of sorrow.”

Trump’s win has obviously deeply affected these people, but I applaud them for not being too dramatic about it.