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Ted Cruz is funnier than I thought

01.25.17 at 9:32 am ET

Ted Cruz beat Deadspin at their own game Tuesday night on Twitter when he responded to Deadspin’s tweet requesting someone send proof Cruz plays basketball.

Cruz absolutely nailed that joke but Deadspin didn’t think it was so funny.

To which Cruz responded:

Winner? Cruz in a landslide. Well played by him.

I did not know he had this kind of sense of humor and I sincerely hope he came up with this himself. In Deadspin’s defense, Cruz did call a basketball hoop a “basketball ring” last year, which isn’t really a great look for the founder of the Republican senators’ weekly basketball game.

And why is Deadspin so angry? Even after their aggressive response, Cruz kept the game going with another tweet showing he relates to today’s youth, burying Deadspin once again.

However, I would still like to see actual video footage of Cruz playing basketball because I do want to see what someone who says “basketball ring” playing basketball looks like.