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Potential Aaron Hernandez juror thinks trial is for Deflategate, gets dismissed

02.17.17 at 5:48 pm ET

Boston Globe— Three jurors were seated Friday morning in the upcoming double murder trial of Aaron Hernandez, while one woman who mistakenly linked the former New England Patriots star to the Deflategate scandal was excused from serving.

That woman, identified as Juror 13, told Suffolk Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Locke that she knew little about the Hernandez case, except for a brief conversation she overheard among co-workers about a year ago.

She said she thought they had mentioned Hernandez’s name in connection with Deflategate, prompting laughter from Hernandez and his lawyers, who were seated near her at a conference table.

“Deflategate has nothing to do with this case at all,” Locke said.

The woman said she understood but said of her co-workers, “That’s what they were talking about.”

Two other women and a man were selected for the jury during the morning session of voir dire in Suffolk Superior Court.

First, there was the guy earlier this week who pulled a Liz Lemon and wore a Patriots hat to jury selection. I believe he did this because to get out of serving because he had to have known wearing that would disqualify him.

If he thought the opposite and wanted to be involved in the trial of a former Patriot, he doesn’t have a clue how this process works.

And now, there is this lady who thinks Hernandez is on trial for Deflategate. That saga was handled with the severity of a murder trial so I don’t blame her.