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Adidas NFL combine island prize is more burden than reward

02.28.17 at 11:51 am ET

Sporting News Athletes participating in this year’s NFL Combine will have a chance to own their own island, thanks to adidas.

The footwear company will offer up a piece of paradise to anyone who can break Chris Johnson’s legendary 40-yard dash time of 4.24 seconds. The record, which was set in 2008, is going to be hard to beat, but maybe the prize will push an athlete to new limits.

There are a few rules to this, though. The athlete has to break the record wearing adidas shoes and must agree to an endorsement deal with the company before the start of the upcoming NFL season. The company will select the island, and there is a maximum value of $1 million.

Making the record based around a 40-time is of course going to be unfair to the offensive linemen and punters at the event, but tough luck, I guess.

Even if a record isn’t broken, adidas is willing to pay $10,000 to the athlete (wearing adidas shoes) who gets the fastest 40 time.

This sounds way better than it actually is.

There’s no guarantee the island will be “a piece of paradise.” Just as some deserts are made of ice, so are some islands. It could be an Arctic island or an island in outer space. The terms and conditions are very vague.

Most decent islands cost well over what Adidas is willing to pay, but here are some islands you can buy for under $1 million. A couple of them are OK but keep in mind adidas is picking which one you get. That’s a big catch here. Plus, the rules state Adidas will provide the island “as soon as reasonably possible,” which could mean anything.

The island probably won’t have running water or infrastructure so you’re going to have to bring that there yourself and those costs are not included in what Adidas is covering. And you have to travel there which will cost money, as will getting supplies for daily life shipped to the island. Kind of a hassle. Unless you want a deserted island, you’re going to have to shell out a lot for this “prize.” And pay taxes on it.

Of course, if you were in the market for an island already this isn’t such a bad deal.

In general, if an island is ever in your choice of prizes, your best bet is usually to take whatever else they’re offering.