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Peter King calls Brandon Marshall a ‘good man’ on International Women’s Day

03.08.17 at 2:25 pm ET

Look at Peter King drooling over Brandon Marshall and defending him despite his repeated domestic violence accusations on International Women’s Day, of all days!

I don’t really care that it’s International Women’s Day but calling Brandon Marshall a good man on any day is a bit of a stretch. It’s hard to call someone with a long list of domestic violence accusations, as well as arrests for other assaults and a DUI, a “good man.”


Marshall talked to King for the MMQB in September and discussed the mental health challenges he’s faced and his regrets stemming from his Borderline Personality Disorder before his official diagnosis in 2011. He seemed very sincere and gave King almost an hour of his time.

The wide receiver is working to turn his life around and founded an organization to spread awareness for mental health issues but that doesn’t excuse him from driving drunk and allegedly beating women.

Marshall has gotten help and that’s great, but it’s tough to look at his rap sheet and call him a good man.