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Rob Gronkowski movie co-star trashes his acting ability

03.15.17 at 11:50 am ET

TMZThere is no lovefest behind the scenes of Rob Gronkowski’s new movie — with one of his co-stars RIPPING the NFL star for botching his lines on set … and bailing on promoting the flick.

Joanna Krupa says she flew in from Poland for the premiere of “You Can’t Have It” — in which Rob plays a cop investigating a violent situation at a bar — but Gronk’s gone M.I.A. and she’s pissed.

JK claims Gronk’s done virtually no publicity and says, “To me, he’s not a big team player.”

We reached out to Gronk’s camp for comment — so far, no word back.

It’s obvious why Gronk isn’t promoting this movie– it looks TERRIBLE. The first line of the trailer is “It was a night that everything had changed.” It also includes lines like “All my friends were not my friends and I was just a job to them” and guys calling each other “bro.”

Then there is Gronk’s line: “Someone needs to do some explaining. What’s going on in here?” It’s very convincing. He needs to know. He’s wearing a badge and everything.

I do believe Gronk was the only one who used more than one take to get his lines because he’s the only good actor in the movie and the movie looks like it was shot all in one take. And I don’t blame him for not publicizing it. Even the trailer is an amateur production. It cuts away from scenes in the middle of lines and it looks like the editor just learned how to pan and was very excited about it.

Joanna needs to lighten up. This is a movie in which Rob Gronkowski plays a police officer–it’s not that serious.