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Ray Rice to appear in NFL’s social responsibility video

04.18.17 at 3:02 pm ET

Baltimore SunAfter becoming the face of the NFL’s domestic-violence problem in 2014, Ray Rice remains persona non grata in the league, unable to get a tryout even after three Pro Bowl seasons with the Ravens.

But it’s that fall from grace that perhaps makes him a perfect face for the NFL’s social responsibility education. Rice told USA Today that he has taped an interview for what will be a two- to three-minute “video conversation” in the social responsibility program to be presented to teams this May.

“I just think there’s so much more to learn from my situation,” Rice told USA Today columnist Christine Brennan. “My story is a real story. Part of life’s journey is just being able to tell my story now. A lot of men think, ‘It can’t happen to me.’ Well, I had a clean slate and it all came down to a terrible split-second decision. I want these guys to learn from it. I want them to be better for it. I want them to be better men.”

The NFL program, now in its fourth year — it was devised in the wake of Rice’s and other players’ scandals — also includes a discussion with former Ravens wide receivers Steve Smith Sr. and Torrey Smith (Maryland), who grew up in violent households.

This is disgusting. “It can’t happen to me?” Nothing happened to him, he happened to Janay Rice. He is in no way a victim of anything. The only thing that happened to him is he got caught.

This comment alone proves Ray Rice has learning NOTHING from punching his then-fiance in the face. It kind of sounds like the message he wants to send is if you do this, make sure you don’t get caught. Because there’s nothing really to learn from this situation except Rice has violence issues and is a scumbag. And most importantly, the main takeaway is don’t hit women. It’s pretty simple.