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Recapping K&C’s trip to Washington D.C., White House 04.20.17 at 1:28 pm ET
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Kirk & Callahan made it to the White House. (WEEI)

Kirk & Callahan made it to the White House. (WEEI)

Listeners of the Kirk and Callahan morning show turned their dials to their respective WEEI affiliates Wednesday morning to hear co-hosts Kirk Minihane and Gerry Callahan recap what appeared to be a strenuous night of travel before accompanying the Patriots on their trip to the White House in Washington D.C.

The top of Wednesday’s show led with just that, as the guys talked about how the Uber driver was ignoring producer Chris Curtis because he didn’t understand him and K&C delved into the uphill climb the Celtics now face down 0-2 to the Bulls in their first-round playoff matchup.

Gerry even told producer Ken Laird that he loved him after Ken went home for a few days and Jet Striar filled in. Perhaps absence does make the heart grow fonder.

That was before the tail end of the first segment, when news first broke on Twitter that former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez apparently committed suicide in his jail cell in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. Kirk and Gerry were forced to turn away from what appeared to be a show loaded with inside radio and the Patriots’ trip to the White House and instead shift to the biggest news story on the country.

“Aaron Hernandez is dead, which means we are off the hook,” Callahan said moments after the news broke. “We don’t have to live through more appeals. We don’t have to put the families though more appeals. We don’t have to listen to sleaze bags like Jose Baez [Aaron Hernandez’s defense attorney] anymore.”

“Is this the wildest story of all-time, from beginning to end?” Kirk asked. “I obviously have no sympathy for Shayanna Jenkins [Hernandez’s fiancee] this morning. But it is, as you would say, a fascinating story from beginning to end. It’s unbelievable. This guy was ready to be a Hall of Famer. I mean, really. He was going to catch 500-600 passes for the Patriots. And he pissed it all away because he wanted to be a gangster.”

“He would rather have been Tony Montana instead of Joe Montana,” Gerry added.

Kirk and Callahan spent the majority of the remaining three and a half hours discussing the death of Hernandez, one that still remains so mysterious and bizarre a day later. Frequent caller and K&C insider Rabbit called in and offered up his theory on the situation.

“I spoke to [Hernandez] yesterday as a matter of fact,” he said. “When you’re a member of a gang, the one thing that they do not tolerate is homosexuality. It’s not allowed. You have to be terminated. He knew it was going to be non-stop trouble for him. [Hernandez] said that the rumors were B.S.”

This was in response to ABC News’ Michele McPhee’s assertion that Hernandez may have been homosexual.

Just when you thought there wouldn’t be any big stories left on the docket for the day, Kirk read the statement from Tom Brady that he would be forgoing his trip to the White House for “personal reasons” in the fourth hour of the show. Brady later Instagrammed a picture of his parents, as Wednesday was their wedding anniversary. Tweets from Mike Reiss and Jeff Howe relayed that Brady’s mother was in Boston for the day and is still struggling with illness.

“It’s as good a theory as any, I don’t know,” Kirk said. “I would not be at all surprised if it involved his mom, but I think [Brady’s] always struggled with this Trump thing anyway.”

“That’s too bad,” Gerry added. “I’m telling you, he just doesn’t want to deal with the backlash. He doesn’t want to deal with it. It is a distraction.”

Things like 9/11, which Gerry and former co-host John Dennis covered when it happened back in 2001, or the Boston Marathon bombing, where Kirk, Gerry and Dino came in while the manhunt was still going on in Watertown, are when the show is truly at its best. Things happen that need to be covered.

As Kirk and Gerry have said, their show is a morning show that covers a wide variety of topics set on a sports station. 95 percent of what they cover is sports, but when certain things call for added attention in the news world, the show does a good job of delegating its coverage to what’s important.

After fielding numerous calls with conspiracy theories as to why Hernandez killed himself and some on Brady’s absence from the team trip to D.C., the real fun got started after the show, as Kirk, Gerry, Curtis and Program Director Joe Zarbano headed to South Lawn and the White House for the Patriots’ ceremony.

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Now they are both back, it’s time to rank Kirk & Callahan fill-in shows 01.01.17 at 9:21 pm ET
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After a holiday vacation, Gerry Callahan has returned

After a holiday vacation, Gerry Callahan has returned

Filling in on the most listened to sports morning show in New England isn’t the easiest task, which made the past week-plus on Kirk and Callahan fairly inconsistent in terms of delivering good radio. While Kirk Minihane and Gerry Callahan were on vacation, some new and old members visited 20 Guest St. and filled in for the duo. Here’s how the shows fared:

No. 7: Dec. 26 – Chris Villani and Ben Volin

Unless you’re an A-list radio host, it can be extremely hard to produce an effective show with just two hosts. Kirk and Gerry can do it. Dale and Holley can do it. But sometimes it doesn’t make for the best show. It’s even harder to do that when one isn’t a full-time host. Chris Villani has done shows alone and handled himself just fine, but I think Ben Volin even by his own admission would say this wasn’t a great show. Not a whole lot to talk about the day after Christmas and the Patriots played a putrid Jets team and won by 38 points. I actually think Villani is a decent host, but given the circumstances it was difficult to put together a real interesting show on this Monday. As Volin is a Patriots beat writer for the Boston Globe, the show focused mainly on the future of Josh McDaniels in New England, the dominance by Bill Belichick the GM and an MVP-caliber season from Tom Brady. An hour of basketball talk was mixed in as well, with both Villani and Volin dissecting what the Celtics need to do to contend for a championship. The two threw some shade at the guys with Villani saying he doesn’t even listen to K&C and Volin added that the show is “not very good.” Like most shows during the holidays, this one wasn’t winning any awards.

No. 6: Dec. 28 – Meter and Trenni

Jon Meterparel is great when he doesn’t have to be a true No. 1 host in the lead chair. He does a much better job answering the questions and adding insight when he doesn’t have to lead the direction of the show. When the 6 a.m. hour opened with talk about LASIX eye surgery, it was evident the show wasn’t going to be stellar. Trenni talked about her experience on the Change of Heart dating game show and Meter recapped his trip to Detroit for the Quick Lane Bowl. A lot of NFL talk filled the remaining three hours, with debate over whether or not the Patriots will trade quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and if Josh McDaniels will be a head coach again in the NFL next season. The two welcomed Atlanta Falcons’ play-by-play commentator Wes Durham, who offered up his opinion on MVP candidate Matt Ryan. Most listeners would think a deep dive on the Falcons’ season isn’t real compelling radio in Boston, but the Ryan connection with Meter being the Boston College football PBP man is the only thing I can think of to make this spot appropriate. The show had a great guest in the second hour with Adam Schefter, who said that a trade package involving Jimmy Garoppolo would start with a first and a fourth-round pick, the return for now Minnesota Vikings QB Sam Bradford. Aside from the first segment of the 7 a.m. hour, there wasn’t much must-listen audio to be found here.

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Top Kirk & Callahan moments from successful Fall Ratings Book 12.21.16 at 10:16 pm ET
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Gary Tanguay executes another Velfie. (Photo courtesy Gary Tanguay)

Gary Tanguay executes another Velfie. (Photo courtesy Gary Tanguay)

Since the 2016 fall ratings book has come to an end and my internship has a week left, it felt appropriate to post a final blog recapping the top moments of the Kirk and Callahan era. I ran through about 15 moments but have narrowed down the Top 10. A lot has happened in the span of four months. Here’s the best of the best:

No. 10: Bart Hubbuch Eulogy

Known Patriots troll and New York Post columnist Bart Hubbuch finally reached his breaking point back on Sept. 21 when he went ghost on Twitter after the people of social media annihilated him for his tweet suggesting that the Patriots are racists because Jacoby Brissett was the first black quarterback to start for New England in the Patriots-Texans Thursday Night Football game.

“Totally not-shocking fact: The Patriots have never had a black QB start a game in their 57-year history,” Hubbuch wrote in a tweet that has since been deleted. “Jacoby Brissett would be the first.”

John Feitelberg of Barstool Sports teamed up with Kirk Minihane to get Hubbuch fired, suspended, etc. along with thousands of other Boston media folks and Hubbuch was off Twitter with no link to his account for 24 hours. The troll ended up coming back a couple days later, but it was nice to silence him for at least a little while. Kirk did a beautiful reading of the eulogy producer Chris Curtis and I crafted behind the scenes on my first day.

No. 9: Podcast Mania

The most obvious change aside from a former co-host of 17 years no longer sitting in the No. 1 chair has been the new podcasts being produced nearly everyday by either Kirk, Gerry Callahan, Curtis or producer Ken Laird. The content has hit an all-time high with the debuts of The Real K&C recap podcast hosted by Curtis and Ken which started back in September and the new Kirk and Callahan Tunnel Vision podcast with Kirk and Gerry which debuted a few weeks ago. Chris and Ken run through the show and discuss the performance of the third co-host on Dino’s Casting Couch and spill beans on any office gossip or drama. Through three podcasts, Kirk and Gerry have taken relatively the same approach, with one State of the Union podcast, a hashing out of their first on-air fight and an airing of grievances podcast in the spirit of Festivus.

Kirk has his own Enough About Me podcast which has been running for nearly a year where he sits down with a personality each week which most of the time focuses on them and their career, hence the name of the podcast. All three are essential for anyone wanting to keep up on all the happenings at 20 Guest Street from 5:30-10 AM.

No. 8: Andrew Mahoney Boston Globe ‘Ski Squad’

The Dennis & Callahan show was at its best and saw its ratings revival during the ‘Whack a Troll’ tour through the Deflategate hypocrites who were quick to hurl character damnations at Tom Brady and Bill Belichick for Deflategate and called for their death.

The same can be said for Kirk & Callahan. The Boston Globe’s Andrew Mahoney showed what is hard to call anything other than a bias against WEEI when he wrote a story about Jimmy Garoppolo‘s interview on K&C and Mahoney didn’t give the station nor the show credit for the interview. This set Kirk off who proceeded to eviscerate Mahoney — who only follows people from the station across the street on Twitter. Curtis did some digging and found that Mahoney is a member of the Globe/station across the street’s Ski Team, which the guys had a field day chastising. Whether a matter of coincidence or Mahoney intentionally omitting the station and K&C from the article, Kirk was rightfully irate about not getting credit.

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