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Adam Schefter is staking his reputation on the Patriots keeping Jimmy Garoppolo 03.10.17 at 10:28 am ET
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Adam Schefter (left) is the most trusted NFL reporter in the country. (Brian Spurlock/USA Today Sports)

Adam Schefter (light) is the most trusted NFL reporter in the country. (Brian Spurlock/USA Today Sports)

Adam Schefter is adamant the Patriots will keep Jimmy Garoppolo. If he’s wrong, it will cost him his reputation.

This all started back in December, when Schefter said on Kirk & Callahan the Patriots expect to receive at least a first- and fourth-round pick in return for the backup quarterback. That statement prompted Trent Dilfer to call his co-worker a pawn during an appearance with Dale & Holley, which resulted in Schefter firing back.

“I can tell you that nobody in New England has ever told me a certain price that they want or are expecting on Jimmy Garoppolo. I can promise you that,” he said on K&C earlier this year. “The New England brass is not using me to get a price out on Jimmy Garoppolo. That’s a fact we can dispel right there. That’s incorrect.”

Then last week, Schefter dropped another bombshell: the Patriots aren’t expected to trade Garoppolo at all. The acclaimed NFL Insider doubled-down on his assertion with OM&F later that day, saying he guaranteed Garoppolo would stay in New England.

It’s not unusual for Schefter, or any journalist, to defend their reporting. But Schefter has gone beyond that in recent days. He’s launched a full-blown PR campaign, bristling at anybody who dares to suggest the Patriots may still make Garoppolo available.

When members of an ESPN NFL panel brought up the topic Thursday, Schefter appeared agitated.

“You guys want to keep talking about this,?” he muttered.

Despite Schefter’s guarantees, there are still murmurs about Garoppolo heading elsewhere.’s Mary Kay Cabot reports the Browns intend to make a strong run at Garoppolo, freshly armed with a 2018 second-round pick they received from the Texans in exchange for taking on Brock Osweiler’s entire salary. But on “SportsCenter” Friday morning, Schefter said the Patriots have no intention of trading Garoppolo to Cleveland, even if they were offered several first-round selections.

“The facts are the facts: Jimmy Garoppolo is going to be on the Patriots, but we can continue to talk about [it], he explained. One person there said, ‘If they get four [first-round picks], they wouldn’t trade him.”

That seems a tad hyperbolic, which might be why Schefter didn’t repeat the claim afterwards on K&C. But he channeled his inner-Skip Bayless once again, declaring the Patriots would be destined for futility if Tom Brady were to get hurt and Garoppolo wasn’t on the roster to take his place.

“If they traded Jimmy Garoppolo and something were to happen to Tom Brady next season, the year after, they would be the Cleveland Browns,” he said. “It would the Cleveland Browns. What would they be doing at quarterback? What was it like for that franchise before Tom Brady came along?”

To make matters even more bizarre, while Schefter was making these grand proclamations, Garoppolo’s Instagram account posted a goodbye message to New England. The reported hoax was deleted at 9:30 a.m.

There’s no doubting Schefter’s flawless reputation in NFL circles. According to a Washington Post profile, he often swaps information with teams, exchanging scoops for scoops. But his steadfast denial about the Patriots even entertaining a Garoppolo trade flies in the face of conventional wisdom, and frankly, common sense. Though quarterback is the most important position in sports, it seems unfathomable to suggest the Patriots would never consider trading Garoppolo –– even for multiple first-rounders. Every player is believed to have a price, especially considering Brady played arguably the best football of his career last season. In February, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, who used to cover the Patriots for the Boston Herald, reported the team wants to extend Brady’s contract past 2019. Considering Garoppolo’s rookie deal is up after this season, it’s difficult to imagine why the Patriots would want to re-sign Brady if they’re planning on handing the reigns over to him. It’s also hard to see why Garoppolo would want to stay and back up, when he could be a starter elsewhere.

Due to his refusal to cede any ground, Schefter is at odds with many of his colleagues in the NFL media. He better be right, or else his word will no longer take precedent over theirs.

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Thursday’s Morning Mashup: Female ESPN hosts criticize network, Greg Hardy after Adam Schefter interview 04.07.16 at 8:20 am ET
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Welcome to Thursday’s Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

MLB: Red Sox at Indians, 6:10 p.m. (NESN; WEEI-FM)
MLB: Astros at Yankees, 4:05 p.m. (MLB Network)
MLB: Twins at Orioles, 7:05 p.m. (MLB Network)
MLB: Rangers at Angels, 10:05 p.m. (FS1)
NHL: Red Wings at Bruins, 7 p.m. (NBCSN)
College hockey: Frozen Four, Boston College vs. Quinnipiac, 5 p.m. (ESPN2)
College hockey: Frozen Four, Denver vs. North Dakota, 8:30 p.m. (ESPN2)
NBA: Bulls at Heat, 8 p.m. (TNT)
NBA: Spurs at Warriors, 10:30 p.m. (TNT)
Soccer: UEFA Europa, Liverpool at Borussia Dortmund, 3 p.m. (FS1)
Golf: The Masters, 3 p.m. (ESPN)


— ESPN’s Adam Schefter defended his interview with controversial defensive end Greg Hardy during an appearance with Dennis & Callahan with Minihane on Wednesday, but he’s not getting much support from some of his female co-workers.

Michelle Beadle, co-host of “SportsNation,” criticized her company for allowing Hardy — convicted of domestic abuse in 2014 — a platform to profess his innocence. Hardy refused to explain how his ex-girlfriend ended up with bruises all over her body, insisting only that he’s “an innocent man.”

“I feel dirty in that this guy has no job right now, and for some reason we’ve decided as a network that we’re going to give him the stage for his redemption tour as he basically goes out and tries to find some employment,” Beadle said Tuesday. “I don’t understand why we’re doing that. If he wants to figure out a way to get his message out there — which by the way, he hasn’t said he did anything wrong, so how a man is supposed to convince anybody he’s changed and yet not admit to actually doing anything? I have no idea. But why we’re giving him the forum to go out there and tell anybody that is where I’m a little bit confused.”

Added Beadle on Twitter: For the love of f&$@. Dude doesn’t admit to wrongdoing. Dude has changed? I give the hell up.

Meanwhile, Jemele Hill, co-host of ESPN’s “His & Hers,” focused her criticism on Hardy, who apparently is trying to repair his image as he seeks a new employer.

“Greg Hardy is despicable. And I hope he never wears another NFL uniform again,” she said Tuesday.”And if you choose to sign him I hope you get exactly what the Cowboys got, which is absolutely nothing and little to no return for somebody who honestly has no redeeming value.”

Hill was not swayed by Hardy’s insistence that he’s never laid his hands on a woman.

“For me, to have shown remorse and contrition and at least accountability is an important part of the forgiveness process or, for that matter, showing people that maybe you’re not what we think that you are,” she said. “Greg Hardy time and time again shows us exactly who we all think him to be.”

— Comedian John Oliver’s campaign to embarrass the Yankees continued Wednesday night, when women dressed in shark and unicorn costumes occupied four expensive seats behind home plate during New York’s game against the Astros.

Oliver hatched his plan in response to Yankees COO Lonn Trost saying the team discouraged secondary ticket purchases from StubHub because fans who pay full price for premium seats wouldn’t feel comfortable sitting next to someone “who has never sat in a premium location. So that’s a frustration to our existing fan base.”

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Thursday’s Morning Mashup: Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul sues Adam Schefter, ESPN, over publication of medical records 02.25.16 at 8:12 am ET
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Welcome to Thursday’s Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

NBA: Bucks at Celtics, 7:30 p.m. (CSNNE)
NBA: Thunder at Pelicans, 8 p.m. (TNT)
NBA: Rockets at Trail Blazers, 10:30 p.m. (TNT)
College basketball: Providence at Seton Hall, 7 p.m. (FS1)
College basketball: Florida State at Duke, 7 p.m. (ESPN)
College basketball: Nebraska at Penn State, 7 p.m. (ESPNU)
College basketball: SMU at Memphis, 7 p.m. (ESPN2)
College basketball: UConn at South Florida, 7:30 p.m. (CSNNE)
College basketball: Indiana at Illinois, 9 p.m. (ESPN)
College basketball: UCLA at California, 9 p.m. (ESPN2)
College basketball: Winthrop at High Point, 9 p.m. (ESPNU)
College basketball: Murray State at Eastern Illinois, 9:30 p.m. (CBSSN)
College basketball: Portland at BYU, 11 p.m. (ESPNU)
NHL: Predators at Blackhawks, 8 p.m. (NBCSN)


— After Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul severely damaged his hand in a fireworks accident last July, ESPN’s Adam Schefter was on top of the story, tweeting out a copy of Pierre-Paul’s medical records to prove that the player had his right index finger amputated.

Schefter later acknowledged that he should have done more to protect Pierre-Paul’s medical records. Pierre-Paul apparently agrees, as he filed a lawsuit Wednesday against Schefter and ESPN.

“This action arises out of ESPN reporter Schefter’s blatant disregard for the private and confidential nature of Plaintiff’s medical records,” the lawsuit states, “all so Schefter could show the world that he had ‘supporting proof’ of a surgical procedure.”

The lawsuit does not indicate how much money Pierre-Paul seeks except to say it’s “an action for damages in excess of $15,000.”

According to previous media reports, Pierre-Paul is believed to have already reached a settlement with Jackson Memorial Hospital, which fired two employees for inappropriately accessing the player’s health record.

Pierre-Paul missed the first half of the season but returned to start New York’s final eight games, playing with his hand wrapped for protection. He finished with one sack. He had another surgery on the hand after the season.

He is due to become a free agent this offseason.

— A day after 16 of Tennessee’s head coaches held a press conference to defend the athletic department following a Title IX lawsuit that accuses the school of fostering a “hostile sexual environment,” the lawsuit was amended to include information about alleged mistreatment toward a former Volunteers football player who aided a woman who claimed to have been raped by two other players.

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Report: Rams have discussed bringing Peyton Manning to LA next season 02.03.16 at 12:01 pm ET
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According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Rams have discussed the possibility of bringing Peyton Manning to Los Angeles next season. While many suspect Manning will retire after this year, if he does give it a go in 2016 he apparently already is drawing interest outside of Denver.

Writes Schefter: Manning still must decide whether he wants to play again, and the Rams still are formulating their quarterback plans. But they are monitoring the Manning situation, per a source, which is a sign that the Broncos quarterback could have options next season.

It also sets up the possibility — even if it is remote — that Manning could finish his career in Southern California just as former Colts quarterback Johnny Unitas did with the San Diego Chargers in 1973 and former New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath did with Los Angeles Rams in 1977.

The Rams quarterbacks entering 2016 are Case Keenum, Nick Foles and Sean Mannion. Needless to say, if Manning were to sign with the Rams he would be stepping right into a starting role with the team.

While Manning recently told Bill Belichick that this could be his “last rodeo,” it remains to be seen if he will give it one more shot next season.

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Adam Schefter explains why he tweeted Jason Pierre-Paul’s medical records 07.14.15 at 11:20 am ET
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In the wake of Jason Pierre-Paul‘s fireworks accident, ESPN’s Adam Schefter has come under fire for his discretion regarding confidential medical files.

After Pierre-Paul had his right index finger amputated, Schefter tweeted a photo of his medical records, detailing the time and nature of the procedure. Many thought Schefter violated the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA laws) governing the confidentiality of medical records, but they do not apply to the media.

Schefter talked to Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch and defended his actions.

“This was a public figure and franchise player involved in a widely speculated accident with potential criminal behavior in which there was a cone of secrecy that surrounded him for five days that not even his own team could crack,” Schefter said.

“The extent of his injuries were going to come to light, maybe that day or later that week, but soon. They’€™re horrific injuries, incredibly unfortunate for the player. But in a day and age in which pictures and videos tell stories and confirm facts, in which sources and their motives are routinely questioned, and in which reporters strive to be as accurate as possible, this was the ultimate supporting proof.”

Furthermore, according to Schefter, he never requested the images, they came to him.

Jackson Memorial Hospital, the site of Pierre-Paul’s surgery, is undertaking an internal investigation to find the source of the leak.

“If we confirm Jackson employees or physicians violated a patient’€™s legal right to privacy,” hospital CEO Carlos Migoya said, ‘€œthey will be held accountable, up to and including possible termination. We do not tolerate violations of this kind.”

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ESPN defends Adam Schefter posting Jason Pierre-Paul’s medical records on Twitter 07.09.15 at 9:13 am ET
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On Wednesday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul had his finger amputated before the team even knew itself. He did so by posting a picture of Pierre-Paul’s medical records indicating that he had surgery on Twitter.

At first glance, it appeared to be a violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), a law protecting medical records. ESPN later released a statement saying “HIPAA does not apply to news organizations.” The wrongdoing then, if committed by a health care worker without the player’s consent, could cause that person to lose his or her job and potentially face “jail time and fines,” according to CNN.

Arthur Caplan, director of the medical ethics division and NYU’s Langone Medical Center, told CNN that Pierre-Paul’s records “should not be released without his explicit consent” and added that HIPAA “only applies to health care personnel and payers,” though “theft is a more serious matter.”

Schefter said, despite the amputation, as it was done to mitigate the damage to his finger, Pierre-Paul is expected to play this season. A medical source told Schefter that the defensive end will be back on the field “sooner than people think.”

However, before the extent of the injury was even known, the Giants pulled a $60 million long-term contract offer Monday.

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NFL roundup: Discipline expected for Steelers coach Mike Tomlin; Giants-Redskins ends in controversy 12.02.13 at 11:35 am ET
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When the NFL comes out with a decision regarding Mike Tomlin‘€™s disciple for his antics in the Steelers’€™ 22-20 loss to the Ravens on Thanksgiving night, it’€™s expected that his pockets will be significantly lighter.

ESPN’€™s Adam Schefter reported that Tomlin could, at the least, be issued a hefty fine by the league. Schefter wrote that in addition to a possible six-figure fine, the Steelers also could lose a draft pick.

During Thursday’s game with Pittsburgh trailing 13-7, Baltimore kickoff returner Jacoby Jones raced up the sideline, seemingly destined for the end zone. Replays showed Tomlin, who stood perilously close to the field to begin with, step with his right foot onto the field before immediately jumping back off. Jones was tackled, and the question of whether Tomlin intended to disrupt Jones came into play. The officials did not issue Tomlin a flag.

The NFL is expected to reach a decision this week, but Schefter reported that a suspension for Tomlin is unlikely.

The last case of a coach interfering with a player occurred in 2010 when Jets strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi was caught on video tripping a gunner on the Dolphins punt return team. The NFL fined the Jets $100,000 while the team fined Alosi $25,000 and suspended him for the remainder of the season.

‘€¢ A battle between NFC East cellar-dwellers featured a controversial ending on the final drive of the Giants‘€™ 24-17 win over the Redskins Sunday.

With less than two minutes remaining in the game, and Washington down seven with the ball on its own 41-yard line facing a second-and-5, Robert Griffin III completed a pass to Pierre Garcon close to the first-down marker. The Redskins, without any timeouts, went into a no-huddle offense as it appeared the officials had given Washington a fresh set of downs, with the chains moving. But after an incompletion, the refs revealed that instead of second-and-10, it would be fourth-and-1. The Redskins completed a pass but fumbled, and New York went on to win.

‘€œI said I wanted a measurement,” Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said after the game. ‘€œAnd [the official] said, ‘€˜You don’t have to, it’s a first down.’€™ ‘€

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Dolphins, NFL delay Jonathan Martin meeting 11.13.13 at 9:38 am ET
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Jonathan Martin will have to wait a little longer to detail his complete side of the story.

The Dolphins announced on Tuesday the delay of their meeting with Martin, which was scheduled for Wednesday and designed to flesh out the second-year pro’s reasons for leaving the team two weeks ago. Instead, Martin, the Dolphins and Ted Wells, the lead investigator appointed to this case by the NFL, will meet on Friday, according to a report by ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

“Ted Wells and the National Football League have asked that we delay our meeting with Jonathan Martin until they have the opportunity to meet with him,” Dolphins chief executive officer Tom Garfinkel said in a statement. “Out of deference to the process, we will cooperate with their request. We look forward to meeting with Jonathan as soon as possible.”

Martin has not spoken publicly since he left the team on Oct. 28 for the alleged bullying he suffered at the hands of teammates, chiefly fellow offensive lineman Richie Incognito, who remains suspended indefinitely by the team.

ESPN’s Lisa Salters reported the unlikeliness of Martin continuing his NFL career in Miami on Monday.

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NFL roundup: Dolphins OL Richie Incognito, Jaguars WR Justin Blackmon suspended; Eagles QB Nick Foles ties record 11.04.13 at 12:11 pm ET
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The Dolphins suspended Richie Incognito indefinitely on Sunday for his alleged harassment of Miami offensive lineman Jonathan Martin, who left the team early last week for emotional reasons.

Incognito’€™s suspension, for conduct detrimental to the team, ame three days after the Dolphins’ 22-20 overtime win over the Bengals. During that time, specifics of the bullying of Martin became apparent.

EPSN’€™s Adam Schefter revealed that a message left on Martin’€™s phone by Incognito served as the main piece of evidence for his suspension. Incognito also reportedly asked Martin to fund a trip to Las Vegas with teammates. Martin did not go, but he paid $15,000 toward the trip. A lunchroom incident reportedly set off Martin and led to his absence.

Miami selected Martin in the second round of the 2012 draft. The left tackle started all 16 games last season and the team’€™s first seven games this year.

Incognito joined the Dolphins in 2010, and is a member of Miami’€™s six-player leadership council. Controversy has followed Incognito in his nine-year NFL career. Last year, a Sporting News player poll had Incognito as the second-dirtiest player in the NFL. In 2009, Incognito and then-Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo got into a verbal confrontation on the sideline, and St. Louis waived him a few days later. He missed the entire 2004 college season at Nebraska for off-field issues.

‘€¢ Apparently, Justin Blackmon did not learn his lesson.

Just one month after serving a four-game suspension for violating the league’€™s substance-abuse policy, Blackmon was suspended again on Sunday, this time for at least the duration of season. He’€™s eligible to file for reinstatement prior to the start of next season.

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Cardinals GM Steve Keim wants WR Larry Fitzgerald ‘to retire a Cardinal’ 10.28.13 at 2:03 pm ET
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Cardinals general manager Steve Keim defused speculation of a possible offseason trade involving wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald on Monday.

Keim appeared on Arizona Sports 620, one day after Arizona defeated the Falcons, 27-13, and moved to 4-4 on the season.

“I can tell you two things, and I want to make this clear and simple — I have not had one conversation with another NFL team regarding a trade with Larry Fitzgerald,” Keim told the radio station. “Number two, starting with [Cardinals president] Michael Bidwill on down, it is our intent for Larry Fitzgerald to retire a Cardinal. Period. If there is any gray area there, let me know, and we can get that out.”

On Sunday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that a Fitzgerald trade during the offseason would be in play. This made sense considering Fitzgerald’s ago (30), his contract, which received a $120 million extension in 2011, ending in 2017, and the fact that his salary cap hit is $18 million, meaning a trade would save Arizona $8 million next season, according to Schefter.

Fitzgerald caught his 800th career pass on Sunday to become the youngest NFL player to reach that milestone at 30 years, and 57 days, besting other stars such as Jason Witten, Andre Johnson, Torry Holt and Randy Moss.

The 10-year pro has caught 36 passes, for 470 yards and five touchdowns, all from new quarterback Carson Palmer.

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