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Nothing wrong with Rob Gronkowski’s WrestleMania cameo 04.02.17 at 8:25 pm ET
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Four months after undergoing back surgery, Rob Gronkowski ran roughly 20 feet and delivered a shoulder block. When phrased like that, his appearance at WWE’s WrestleMania Sunday doesn’t seem so bad after all.

Gronkowski, who was seated ringside for the event at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, interfered during a match on behalf of his real-life friend, WWE wrestler Mojo Rawley.

Given Gronkowski’s injury history –– nine surgeries and three back operations since 2009 –– it’s tempting to chastise him for stepping into the squared circle. His rehab from a forearm injury was stalled in 2013 after he body-slammed a friend on the stage of a Las Vegas nightclub. Gronkowski didn’t return until Week 7, and then missed the postseason with a torn ACL.

But these two situations are different. The night club incident took place in February, less than one month after he reinjured his forearm during a Divisional Round bout with the Texans. This time around, Gronkowski underwent back surgery in early December, meaning he’s had several months to recover.

Most importantly, though, Gronkowski didn’t appear to exert all that much energy Sunday. He ran across the ring, threw out his shoulder and then performed a couple of stomps. Running two miles would likely be more physically strenuous.

Of course, there’s a chance Gronkowski could’ve gotten hurt. But according to that logic, players shouldn’t be allowed to partake in any non-football related athletic activities over the offseason. The line between what’s acceptable and unacceptable appears to be arbitrary. For example, it’s unlikely anybody would be in a tizzy if Gronkowski was spotted playing pickup basketball, even though former Yankees third baseman Aaron Boone suffered a season-ending knee injury on the hardwood 14 years ago.

The video of Tom Brady wiping out on a ski jump earlier this year is far more alarming than Gronkowski’s WrestleMania cameo. If anything, it’s encouraging to see him move so well.

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The NBA: Where excitement happens 05.25.09 at 6:07 pm ET
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Despite not having it’s winningest franchise (in terms of championships, at least) around in the postseason, the NBA certainly has something to smile about. Both of the league’s conference finals series have become knock-down drag out fights, something even casual fans didn’t seem to expect.

The Migh High City of Denver already had a fight before the Western Conference Finals began as Denver’s Pepsi Center was double-booked for both the NBA and WWE’s Monday Night Raw. The ever-media savvy Vince McMahon painted Nuggets and arena owner Stan Kroenke as the bad guy, as if this was one of his weekly wrestling storylines.

The Nuggets have been doing their best to grapple with the NBA’s defending runners-up. All methods employed by Geore Karl’s crew, of course do not include using steel chairs in any nefarious way.

The series has become quite chippy, though. On Saturday night alone,  the Nuggets committed three technical fouls in a game that for much of the forty-eight minutes of play looked like a victory for Carmelo and company.

But, as the Denver Post’s Woody Paige pointed out prior to Game 3, the Nuggets have been finding the wrong time to give the game away. Thus far, all three games have been decided by a mere 11 points in the waning minutes.

The Western Conference Finals haven’t been the only palpitation-worthy series in these NBA playoffs. Cleveland and Orlando are locked in a battle themselves for the Eastern crown.

Sunday night, the Orlando Magic, have done what was seemingly impossible, and defeated LeBron and the Cavaliers (sounds like a Motown group doesn’t it?) twice in one series. Orlando has even beaten them a home, which happened only twice all season!

How have the Magic done this, you ask? Pose that question to a few players who gave the Celtics fits just a series ago in Dwight Howard (20.6 points, 13.8 rebounds per game)  and Hedo Turkoglu.

The latter of that pair had himself one of the oddest routes to a double-double.  Turkoglu missed all but one shot from the field, but drained 11 free throws.

Maybe Turkoglu should’ve taught the 2008 Memphis Tigers a thing or two.  Turkoglu brought down 10 defensive boards last night as well.

In addition to David Stern and the NBA’s happiness of how well these series have been going, that same Vince McMahon must be pleased to see this series get physical and nasty as well. Sunday night fans at Amway Arena were treated to a show of 86 foul shots attempted from 58 personal fouls, two technicals, and a flagrant.

No buzzer-beater heroics from King James Sunday night, but the excitement in the home of rock and roll is still at a fever pitch despite Sunday night’s loss. Check out this Cleveland sportscaster Terry Brooks’s reaction to the shot as the 11 p.m. news is wrapping up.

Hopefully, the NBA will use that in a promo.  The NBA: Where excitement happens (to local news wrap-ups).

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